Manufacturing Giant Achieves Continuous Security Compliance and Simplifies Remediation


Manufacturing Industry

Business Challenge

Effective Vulnerability Management and Achieving Continuous Compliance for ISO 27001


SanerNow Advanced Vulnerability Management

Security Compliance AND Remediation Possible Together?

Achieving continuous security compliance and solving the problem of multiple tools to perform vulnerability management was the biggest challenge TRL Krosaki faced. With sensitive proprietary data in its network and compliance audits always hovering over them, the IT Security team at TRL Krosaki was in a dilemma.

Their biggest problems were:

Even with multiple solutions, effective vulnerability remediation was impossible

Achieving continuous compliance to ISO-27001 was a Herculean task

Pre-existing solutions were costly but ineffective

With a large attack surface, using multiple tools to secure the network while enforcing compliance for ISO 27001 was incredibly challenging. The compliance enforcement and audit-ready reports were so effective that our external audit team was very impressed!
– Bivudatta Sahoo, Infrastructure Manager

Reducing Costs, Eliminating Vulnerabilities and More Problems Solved with SanerNow

SecPod SanerNow fulfilled TRL Krosaki’s requirement of:

Integrated Vulnerability Scanning and Remediation

Enforcing ISO-27001 Security Compliance

Replacing Multiple Expensive Solutions with Unified Solution

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