SanerNow Solution for

Risk-based Compliance Management

To improve asset visibility, reduce endpoint risks, & meet regulatory needs

SecPod's SanerNow is an Ideal Compliance Management Tool

SanerNow is a compliance management tool. It ensures our team and staff members are security compliant, aware, and up-to-date. SanerNow is an effective tool for detecting non-complying devices or personnel while enforcing compliance regulations and industry-specific standards on them. SecPod’s SanerNow solution ensures there’s no getting away with ill-advised security moves.

– Assistant Banking Officer, 30B+ USD Firm

Credit Access
Peoples Bank and Trust
Community Mortgage

Harden Systems. Reduce attack surface. Stay audit-ready.

Improve Security Maturity

Get to know the current level of maturity and take appropriate steps to effectively scale compliance and protect assets with a fully automated, integrated platform.

Get Defense-Grade Protection

Manage cyber risk across on-site and in remote locations. Leverage multiple security measures to protect endpoints, servers, virtual machines, and cloud workloads from attacks.

Sustain Business Continuity

Meet complex regulatory needs. Quickly address gaps in security, risk, and compliance to avoid operational disruptions. Harden attack surfaces with ease.

Stay Updated On Compliance Violations

Conduct continuous compliance scans to assess compliance levels or violations and instantly remediate any deviation to remain audit-ready. Ensure compliance with industry benchmarks.

Enhance control over endpoints. Ensure compliance integrity of IT infrastructure.

Actively Monitor Risks

Run fully automated massive-scale compliance risk assessments across IT infrastructure. Systematically audit, track & report security control effectiveness.

Enable Better Security Governance

Provides continuous scans and monitoring, instant alerting, and customized reports to strengthen security governance and prevent attacks.

Strengthen Security Operations

Tightly align with operational objectives, metrics, and strategies and communicate the value of SecOps to stakeholders. Align risk tolerance to business needs.

Get Unobstructed Business Value

Integrated compliance management platform to ensure focus on what vulnerabilities & misconfigurations matter, investigate compliance issues faster & remediate them with ease.

Ensure Security Of Every Endpoint

Establish org-level endpoint security standardization processes to guarantee the same level of security for every endpoint. Solve endpoint security issues quickly.

Analyze And Address Security Gaps

Easily detect gaps in endpoint security controls, including vulnerabilities and misconfigurations & remediate them to secure.

Discover And Secure Devices At Scale

Scan & track every device to detect any security deviations, including any vulnerable assets to sustain compliance.

Streamline Audit Management

Eliminates irregularities and complexities in security audits, with automated scans, end-to-end visibility, and compliance benchmark templates.

Solutions Crafted for Compliance Management

Understand how SanerNow Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management (CVEM) can continuously achieve regulatory compliance and protect organizations from devastating cyberattacks.


Digital Banking Services Provider Achieves Instant Visibility of Risk Posture to Rapidly Remediate Risks, and Achieve Continuous Compliance

A Leading Digital Banking Service provider was looking for a vulnerability management solution to transform their IT security from a traditional security approach.

Simplify Compliance
Improve Attack Prevention
Guarantee Audit Success

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