Visibility & Control

Get Holistic Visibility and Robust Control Over your IT Infrastructure

Gain Comprehensive Visibility and Control into your IT Infrastructure

Get all-round visibility and control of your IT infrastructure

With SanerNow’s continuous and on-demand scans, you get live device and asset visibility and deviation detection to ensure nothing goes undetected. All from a single console!

Accelerate Cyber defense with insightful and intelligent insights 

Scan for devious deviations and receive  insightful information about your organization’s security posture and take a never-seen-before look at your organization’s security posture

Implement IT security measures with confidence by eliminating uncertainties   

With SanerNow’s collective visibility, detect outliers, eliminate deviations and confidently implement your IT security controls

Leverage Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, and Deviation Computation Methods to Control Anomaly Loopholes 

Mitigate dangerous anomalies with SanerNow’s cutting-edge machine learning, statistical analysis, and deviation computation methods. 

SanerNow IT Asset Management Dashboard

Endpoint Visibility and Control, the prime need for organization’s security

Every 39 seconds, a cyber-attack takes place. As the cybercrime rate increases exponentially, organizations are concerned about their security. Given that the devices are the most targeted when it comes to cyberattacks, it is highly inescapable for IT administrators to gain complete visibility and control over them.

89% of organizations have concerns based on lack of visibility

“Lack of visibility is the major obstacle for security

SanerNow consists of all you require to gain complete control and visibility over your devices

Gain complete visibility of your enterprise devices and control them from a centralized console. Get details on the hardware and software assets, critical vulnerabilities, detected threats, non-compliant systems, data on USB & peripheral devices, system health status, and a lot more. Take control of these actions instantly through various solutions available from SecPod SanerNow.

Obtain bird's eye visibility and control over your organization's security exposure using SanerNow

Keeping a close eye over IT assets is essential to secure your devices. SecPod SanerNow regularly runs an IT asset scan, fetches the details of the hardware and software available in the network, and offers detailed reports and statistics them. This helps organizations make planned purchase moves, saving the cost spent on additional IT assets. Organizations can also instantly detect the entry of any malicious IT assets and stay ahead of potential breaches.

Leaving any vulnerabilities unnoticed will pave way for attackers to exploit the enterprise network. SecPod SanerNow runs a rapid vulnerability scanning, detects the vulnerabilities, assess the potential exploits, prioritizes them based on the severity, and remediates them through integrated patching technique. All of this can be done in a matter of few minutes, without any gaps for attackers to invade the network.

Security compliance management always holds equal importance as other security practices. SecPod SanerNow helps organizations regulate security compliance by detecting systems that do not abide by security benchmarks and enforce compliance immediately. It supports all major industry standards like HIPAA, PCI, ISO, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-171, and also allow organizations to create their own IT security policies.

Taking complete control of all the actions happening in the devices is necessary. SecPod SanerNow enables organizations to regularly monitor the system health, perform any system or registry settings, identify deviations in system services, process and provide fixes, block any malicious applications, USB or other peripheral devices, install and uninstall any software applications etc., from a centralized console. This feature will serve as an additional shield for safeguarding enterprise security.

Hear From Our Happy Customers

“SecPod’s SanerNow platform helps our customers get and stay compliant with many of today’s standard frameworks. By monitoring for vulnerabilities, compliance misconfigurations and threat indicators, it allows us to focus on our customers’ most critical risks. The included instructions help take the guesswork out of how to keep an organization secure.”

Achieve Seamless Visibility and Control Over Your IT Environment


Optimize hardware and software visibility and management

Track and monitor real-time usage of hardware and software assets in your inventory. Efficiently optimize your IT spend by removing rarely used and outdated applications through insightful reports. 


Blacklist/whitelist applications and Manage licenses from one console

With an unified and aggregated dashboard, monitor IT asset in real-time, detect vulnerable applications, manage software licenses, and blacklist or whitelist them accordingly.


Intelligently discover anomalies and receive microscopic look into IT

Discover dangerous anomalies through continuous scans 75+ anomaly computation rules. Monitor 2000+ device parameters to fetch insightful info into your IT network. 


Anomalous Posture detection through Statistical Anomaly Computation

Detect devious anomaly configurations like unusual command execution, atypical firewall configuration, and much more by performing collective statistical anomaly computation.


Known-good your IT by eliminating the unrequired

With complete and holistic visibility, choose and whitelist the required devices and configurations alone. Remove the network anomalies and cleanse your IT.  


Detect deviations and assess your organization's security controls

From disabled firewall, poorly configured WiFi security, enabled autologon, outdates OSs and software, to disabled BitLocker, assess an array of security controls and spot the deviation in the settings that will harm the security posture.


Instantly mitigate detected anomalies with built-in actions

With a slew of built-in actions, instantly remediate detected anomalies and deviations. Take a step further by creating custom detection and remediation rules, in  single console.


Insightful Dashboard and Reporting to evaluate your Security Posture

Generate intuitive reports that provide intelligent insights through creative visualizations.  Always be audit-ready and  utilize 100s of report APIs to create custom visibility .

Gain a Holistic View and Control Over Your Devices

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Cyber Hygiene Automation

  • Implement cyber hygiene easily
  • Automate complex security practices
  • Combat attacks effectively
  • Go beyond patching


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Continuous Compliance

  • Achieve continuous compliance
  • Stay aware of risk exposure
  • Regulate compliance benchmarks
  • Manage risks with effective practices

Visibility and Control

  • Gain a 360-degree view of IT assets
  • Identify endpoint security loopholes
  • Realtime control and management
  • Manage endpoints efficiently

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Incident Detection & Response

  • Continuous threat detection
  • Increase awareness of attacks
  • Immediate threat response
  • Combat attacks smartly 

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