Saner Personal

Free to use Saner Personal is exclusively available for securing home computers by preventing malware and ransomware attacks.


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Most Malware makes use of loopholes in the system and targets desktops and end-user applications. Available Anti-Malware products tend to focus on cleaning an already infected system based on known malware signatures. It is reported that 67% of Malware is undetected by anti-virus or anti-malware products because of their polymorphic nature.

SecPod Saner is a light-weight, easy to use, enterprise-grade security solution for proactively assessing and securing your personal computer. It identifies security loopholes and misconfigurations, and remediates to ensure systems are secure.

  • Identifies vulnerabilities in your applications and operating system.
  • Identifies common misconfigurations.
  • Eliminates threats by proactively fixing
    vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.

Platforms Supported: All Windows, Mac and Linux Platforms.

System Requirements: Any Windows, Mac or Linux based
system, Desktop/Laptop with minimum 100 MB disk space
and 200 MB RAM

For Windows, Mac

For Oracle, CentOS, RedHat, and Fedora

For Ubuntu, Debian