Advanced Vulnerability Management

A new age vulnerability management solution for the modern security landscape

Vulnerability Management Needs Reinvention to Deal with the Ever-Evolving Attack Surface

Lack of Deeper Insights into the IT infrastructure

IT security teams do not have deeper visibility over the IT infrastructure. Traditional tools typically provide limited view to hardware and software details with insufficient actionable insights. As a result, IT security teams overlook the most obvious attack vectors that can lead to massive security breaches.

Vulnerabilities Beyond CVEs are Left Out

Traditional vulnerability management solutions focus only on managing CVEs or software vulnerabilities and leave out the other crucial security risks like IT asset exposures, misconfigurations, deviation in security controls, and security posture anomalies.

Lack of Integrated Remediation Capabilities

Most traditional tools do not provide integrated patching to remediate the vulnerabilities. This leaves the vulnerabilities to prevail in the network, opening gateways for attackers to exploit.

Siloed Interfaces and Multiple-point Solutions

Tradition tools still rely on siloed interfaces and multiple tools to execute each step of vulnerability management. The process of traversing across swivel chair interfaces is hard, time-consuming, and consumes a lot of manual effort.

With all these challenges, the larger goal of preventing cyberattacks and building a robust security risk and compliance posture is flawed and slowed down. IT security teams need an advanced solution that manages vulnerabilities and beyond, provides integrated remediation, and enables you to achieve continuous and automated prevention of cyberattacks under one roof.

Spot the Difference with Advanced Vulnerability Management

See for yourself why your team should switch away from traditional vulnerability management and take a whole new approach to cyberattack prevention.

Traditional Vulnerability Management

Advanced Vulnerability Management

Visibility to limited IT asset details with insufficient actionable insights

Holistic and deeper visibility into IT infrastructure with clarity on actionable insights

Siloed interfaces & multiple-point solutions approach

Unified, single-solution approach to visibility, detection, assessment, prioritization, and remediation

Rely on a separate tool for remediation

Integrated and seamless patch management capability for timely remediation

Discover only CVEs or software vulnerabilities

Detect vulnerability, misconfigurations, asset exposures, missing critical security patches, and security posture anomalies within a single console

Lack of remediation controls to fix security risk exposures

Remediation controls beyond patching to fix the vulnerability and other security exposures

Manual methods and irregular processes

Built for automation, achieving continuous compliance

Irregular scans and no clarity on real-time risk posture

Continuous scan and up-to-date risk posture assessment

Prolonged Patch Management Lifecycle taking months to complete

Rapid, continuous, and automated patch management lifecycle

Lack of capabilities to build queries to detect and respond to security risks

Build custom queries to detect security risks and deploy instant response

OS and device-specific support

Heterogeneous and device-agnostic support

Multiple agents

Single, light-weight, multifunctional agent

Lack of API support & eco-system integration

Native API support and eco-system integration

Segregated security & IT goals

Unified security and IT goals

Advanced Vulnerability Management Framework

SecPod SanerNow’s philosophy is offering simplicity and automation to make the job of IT security administrators significantly better, everyday.

SanerNow’s Continuous, Automated, & Advanced Vulnerability Management Solution to Build an Unbreachable Defense

SanerNow reinvents vulnerability management with a broader approach to vulnerabilities, integrated remediation, rapid detection techniques, vast security intelligence, and end-to-end automation, all under one roof.

Manage Vulnerabilities and Numerous Security Risks in a Single Unified Platform

Go beyond managing CVEs and focus on other security risks as well. SanerNow manages software vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, deviation in security controls, IT asset exposures, security posture anomalies, and various security risks from a single centralized console.

Mitigate Vulnerabilities On-time with Integrated Remediation

Remediate vulnerabilities quickly with integrated patching. Perform vulnerability assessment and remediation from the same console and reduce risk exposure to a large extent. Along with patching, leverage other security controls and mitigate numerous security risks.

Experience the Leading Edge of Security Innovation

Leverage machine learning, statistical analysis, and deviation computation methods to gain holistic visibility over your IT and detect outliers. Through Industry’s fastest scans, world’s largest security intelligence library, end-to-end automation, and truly integrated natively built solution, take vulnerability management to a whole new level

Automate End-to-end Tasks and Establish a Continuous Routine

Automate all the tasks from scanning, detection, assessment, and prioritization, to remediation and make vulnerability management a hands-free process. Establish a continuous routine to manage vulnerabilities and security risks and keep cyberattacks at bay.

Advanced vulnerability management product screenshot

Visualize & Normalize

SanerNow AE

Continuously monitor IT assets


SanerNow CPAM

Take control over attack vectors

Detect & Prioritize

SanerNow VM

Detect and prioritize vulnerabilities

SanerNow CM

Achieve audit-ready compliance

Remediate & Mitigate

SanerNow PM

Patch OSs & 3rd party applications

SanerNow EM

Harden devices beyond patching

Advanced Vulnerability Management Software that is Sleek, Simple, yet has the Most Powerful Use Cases


Run real-time scan and discover IT asset exposures

SanerNow runs regular monitoring scans on all your software and hardware assets. Discover malicious IT assets and Blacklist them from your network to improve security.


Gain holistic visibility into IT infrastructure and eliminate outliers

Get collective and deeper visibility over you IT infrastructure. Spot the most obvious attack vectors including outliers in the network, unapproved software & devices, incorrectly configured security controls and much more, and eliminate them instantly.


Manage vulnerabilities and beyond, all under one roof

Detect and remediate software vulnerabilities, IT asset exposures, misconfigurations, missing patches, deviation in security controls, and security posture anomalies from a single centralized console.


Blazing-fast scans to detect vulnerabilities and security risks

SanerNow runs the continuous and the fastest scans in under 5 minutes. All this without consuming excessive network bandwidth.


Accurate detection powered by vast security intelligence

SanerNow is powered by its home-grown world’s largest security intelligence library with 160,000+ vulnerability checks for accurate detection with near-zero false positives.


Remediate vulnerabilities on time with integrated patch management

Mitigate the vulnerabilities instantly with integrated patch management and reduce the risk exposure. SanerNow supports patching for all major operating systems like Windows, Mac, Linux, and 300+ third-party applications.


Go beyond patching and leverage additional remediation controls

Mitigate numerous security risks with a plethora of security controls available in SanerNow. Eliminate attack surface to a larger extent with remediation controls available in the same console.


Harden system configurations and Abide by international compliance standards

Detect deviation in compliance, fix misconfigurations and harden devices. Assure continuous compliance with major industry benchmarks, including HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and ISO.

Monitor All Your IT Assets Continuously

Monitor and track every hardware and software asset across your network with full visibility and control from a unified, centralized dashboard. Blacklist or whitelist software according to your requirements.

Eliminate Anomalies with Holistic Cyber Awareness into Your IT

Gain collective and deeper visibility over your IT infrastructure. With intelligent insights, discover the most obvious outliers, aberrations, and deviations that are threatening security and eliminate the attack vectors instantly.

Scan, Detect, and Prioritize Vulnerabilities with SanerNow AVM

Scan, Detect, and Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Respond at the speed of threat to reduce your risk exposure with continuous scans to detect, assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities across your organization’s devices. Leverage the world’s largest SCAP vulnerability database with 160,000+ security checks.

Achieve Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Harden your system configurations to reduce your threat exposure. Remotely scan and address any vulnerable or deviant devices to proactively remediate risks.
Achieve Compliance with Regulatory Standards with SanerNow Advanced Vulnerability Management
Patch OSs and Third Party Applications with SanerNow Advanced Vulnerability Management

Patch OSs and Third Party Applications

Stay up-to-date with your patching across your hybrid heterogeneous infrastructure and assets. Ensure minimal risk with a fast-to-market, fully-tested, and automated remote patching.

Mitigate Risks with 100+ Security Controls

Monitor and manage your endpoints and strengthen your security posture with real-time monitoring of 100+ endpoint metrics and security controls, threat detection and response, software deployment, application and device control and much more. Ensure system health with ongoing checks and updates to address misconfigurations and missing configurations.

Monitor & Manage 100+ Endpoint Controls with SanerNow Advanced Vulnerability Management

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