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Why is Your ‘Traditional’ Vulnerability Management Software Not Effective?

Lack of Deeper Insights into the IT infrastructure

Lack of Deeper Insights into the IT Infrastructure

IT security teams don’t have enough visibility of their IT infra. The traditional tools don’t give teams the details of potential risks and the teams might miss out on big risks. You can’t secure your IT if you can’t see all your assets.

Vulnerabilities Beyond CVEs are Left Out

Vulnerabilities Beyond CVEs are Left Out

Most traditional tools only deal with known software vulnerabilities (CVEs), ignoring other security risks. These risks are IT asset exposures, misconfigurations, missed patches and security controls deviations, and security posture anomalies.

Lack of Integrated Remediation Capabilities

Lack of Integrated Remediation Capabilities

Without remediation capabilities, traditional tools are only going to make vulns stay in your system, giving attackers the opportunity to exploit them.


Siloed Interfaces and Multiple-point Solutions

Siloed Interfaces and Multiple-Point Solutions

Old-fashioned solutions use separate tools to handle different goals of vulnerability management process. Switching between these tools is tough, slow, and demands a lot of manual work.

Spot the Difference with Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management

Traditional Vulnerability Management

Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management

Visibility to limited IT asset details with insufficient actionable insights

Holistic and deeper visibility into IT infrastructure with clarity on actionable insights

Siloed interfaces & multiple-point solutions approach

Unified, single-solution approach to visibility, detection, assessment, prioritization, and remediation

Rely on a separate tool for remediation

Integrated and seamless patch management capability for timely remediation

Discover only CVEs or software vulnerabilities

Detect vulnerability, misconfigurations, asset exposures, missing critical security patches, and security posture anomalies within a single console

Lack of remediation controls to fix security risk exposures

Remediation controls beyond patching to fix the vulnerability and other security exposures

Manual methods and irregular processes

Built for automation, achieving continuous compliance

Irregular scans and no clarity on real-time risk posture

Continuous scan and up-to-date risk posture assessment

Prolonged Patch Management Lifecycle taking months to complete

Rapid, continuous, and automated patch management lifecycle

Lack of capabilities to build queries to detect and respond to security risks

Build custom queries to detect security risks and deploy instant response

Limited OS and device-specific support

Heterogeneous and device-agnostic support

Multiple agents that delays processes

Single, light-weight, multifunctional agent

Lack of API support & eco-system integration

Native API support and eco-system integration


Ineffective attack surface management


Rapid and effective attack surface management

Lack of weakness perspective for cyberattack prevention

Weakness perspective incorporated into managing security risks.

Segregated security & IT goals

Unified security and IT goals

SanerNow CVEM Framework Supercharges Your Attack Prevention

SecPod SanerNow is simple and automated to meet the security goals daily.

SanerNow: Your Go-To Superpower for Effortless, Automated, and Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management!

Manage Vulnerabilities, Exposures and Other Security Risks in a Single Unified Platform

Handle CVEs and other security risks from a single console. Address multiple risks effectively in one place.

Mitigate Vulnerabilities On-Time with Integrated Remediation

Assess and fix vulnerabilities from a single console. Use patching and other security controls to reduce risks effectively.

Experience the Leading Edge of Security Innovation

Gain holistic IT visibility and detect outliers effectively. Utilize innovative security methods like machine learning and statistical analysis.


Automate End-to-end Tasks

Automate End-to-end Tasks and Establish a Continuous Routine

Automate all tasks from scanning to remediation. Maintain a continuous routine for managing vulns and security risks.

Visualize & Normalize


Continuously monitor IT assets



Take control over attack vectors

Detect & Prioritize

SanerNow VM


Detect CVEs and other risks


Achieve audit-ready compliance

Risk Prioritization Logo

Manage and prioritize risks 

Remediate & Mitigate

Secpod patch management


Patch OSs & 3rd party applications


Harden devices beyond patching

The Software that is Sleek, Simple, yet the Most Powerful

Run Real-Time Scans

  • SanerNow regularly scans all your software and hardware to find risky vulns
  • Once done, it blocks them from your network to make your IT safe

See Everything in Your IT

  • SanerNow detects obvious weak points such as strange network activity, unauthorized software or devices, or security that aren’t right

All-in-one Security Management

  • Detect and fix all weaknesses. Be it software vulns, missing patches, misconfigurations, or security anomalies

Lightning-Fast Scans

  • SanerNow conducts rapid scans in just under 5 minutes
  • No load on network bandwidth or system resources

Accurate Detection

  • Leverage the vast security intelligence library with over 190,000+ vulnerability checks.
  • Precise detection and minimal false positives

Integrated Patch Management

  • SanerNow quickly mitigates vulns and exposures with built-in patching
  • Supports Windows, macOS, Linux, and 550+ third-party apps

Comprehensive Remediation

  • SanerNow utilizes various security controls to mitigate multiple security risks and reduce attack surface

Compliance Assurance

  • Detect compliance deviations
  • Fix misconfigurations
  • Ensure industry standards :- HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and ISO with SanerNow

Efficient Risk Prioritization

  • Prioritize risks in your IT based on business context, vulnerability intelligence, attack mapping, and unique risk categorization algorithms

Global Enterprises trust SanerNow to Secure & Manage their Attack Surface

SanerNow is a comprehensive endpoint security suite with a well-designed dashboard for administrators to oversee and manage all their endpoint devices connected to the Internet. We’re happy with using all the applications on the SanerNow platform. It provides a single-pane view for administrators and CISOs.


– Pradeep B
Consultant, NCIIPC, Govt. of India


SanerNow is a fully packed solution that deals with internal threat giving you 360 degrees view of your environment. It is easy to use, has solid features, and timely customer support. The pricing is so cool.



– Ernest Darko Mensah

Managing Director, Spearhead Networks MSP


SanerNow has multiple modules like patch management, vulnerability management, compliance management, EDR, software deployment. Today, with rise of cyber risks it’s very important to have a single tool/console to get a visibility into all modules. It’s easy to identify, detect, and patch at the same time.

– Sumit Birajdar
Infosec Manager, Acko General Insurance


“SanerNow’s patch management capabilities stand out from the competition since it can patch all the discovered vulnerabilities and perform other system-hardening actions. Even if no direct remediation is available, SanerNow applies security controls that provide workarounds for the vulnerabilities.”

– Swetha Krishnamoorthi, Senior Industry Analyst, Cybersecurity, Frost & Sullivan

Awards and Recognition

Award: high performer
award: best est. ROI
award: momentum leader
award: most recommended
award: easiest setup
award: best support winter
Global Vulnerability Management award

Keep an eye on all your IT all the time

Keep track of every piece of hardware and software in your network using one dashboard. Decide which asset is okay, and which isn’t.

Ensure Cyber Safety with broad awareness

Know your IT system inside out and fix anything unusual. Find and remove obvious risk factors promptly.

Find Vulns and fix them quickly

Respond quickly to threats by scanning continuously to find and fix vulnerabilities in your company’s IT. Use the world’s largest vulnerability database with 190,000+ security checks.

Prioritize Security Risks

Our SSVC-based framework, the world’s first, uses unique algorithms to prioritize security risks based on business context, exploit potential, automation feasibility, and more.

Achieve Compliance with Regulatory Standards

Harden your system configurations to reduce your threat exposure. Remotely scan and address any vulnerable or deviant devices to proactively remediate risks.

Patch OSs and Third Party Applications

Stay up to date with your patching across your hybrid heterogeneous infrastructure and assets. Ensure minimal risk with a fast-to-market, fully tested, and automated remote patching.

Keep your systems safe with 100+ security checks

Watch over and manage your devices to make them stronger against attacks. Keep an eye on over 100 different things like threats, software updates, and device settings. Make sure everything is running smoothly by checking for mistakes and fixing them as needed.

Quantify and Improve Cyber Hygiene

Measure your organization’s attack surface, quantify cyber hygiene, and fine-tune your remediation strategies. Leverage a data-driven proprietary scoring model to improve the cyber hygiene of your organization.

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