Compliance Management

Achieve 100% security compliance in your network now with SanerNow Compliance Management Software!

compliance management tool

With SanerNow Compliance Management Software Enforce Security Regulations

Seamlessly regulate security compliance across your network endpoints

Supports major regulatory standards like HIPAA, PCI, ISO, and NIST

Detect non-compliant devices using a light weight agent

Create and enforce your own compliance policies in your network

Stay Compliant. Stay Secured.

Automatically ensure and regulate any industry security standards in all types of workforces.

Precisely determine deviations in system settings​

Even a minor deviation in certain system settings might lead to various possible attacks. From a centralized console, automatically determine the deviations in any system settings, and configurations across your enterprise network. These systems can be classified as non-compliant, and security standards can be enforced on them.

Be security compliance audit ready, abiding by benchmarks like HIPAA, PCI, NIST, ISO​

SecPod SanerNow supports all major security frameworks like HIPAA, PCI, NIST, and ISO. You can instantly identify the computers not abiding by these standards and enforce the policies on them without any delay. You can also generate various compliance reports to be security compliance audit ready anytime.

Integrate Compliance management with other cyber hygiene practices​

Along with compliance management, you can also orchestrate other cyber hygiene practices like patch management, vulnerability management, endpoint threat detection and response, endpoint management, application and device control, etc. This way, you can stay more immune to potential cybersecurity breaches.

Cloud-based platform supporting remote devices​

Regulate compliance on any remote devices available at a different location from a single cloud-based console. You can also operate this solution from an on-premise platform.

Compliance management tool

How SanerNow Compliance Management Software Works

Regulate compliance standards in your network in no time


Detect the non-compliant systems with deviated system settings


Remediate the deviations by enforcing compliance benchmarks


Automate various reports to be security compliance ready

SanerNow Compliance Management Features You Need to Stay Fully Secure

Scan and Detect Non-Compliant Endpoints​

There are various system configurations, which, when deviated, might lead to security loopholes in an organization. These are nothing but the regulatory and compliance standards organizations should follow. SecPod SanerNow automatically scans and detects the computers in the network, which doesn’t follow any defined security standards.

Create Your Own Compliance Policy​

Apart from the various security standards available, organizations can choose to create their own compliance policies based on the set of system configurations available. This allows organizations to customize the security and compliance policy according to their industry requirements.

Regulate and Remediate Your Compliance Requirements​

Once the details of the computers missing the compliance standards are posted, IT administrators can fix them instantly from the centralized console. This way, SecPod SanerNow allows organizations to safeguard their network from various security breaches caused by deviated or missed system configurations.

Supports all Major Security Standards

SecPod SanerNow supports all major security and regulatory standards like HIPAA, PCI, ISO, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-171. The system configurations bundled with these security standards are pre-built within the SecPod SanerNow platform itself.

Cross-platform OS Support

SecPod SanerNow compliance management is supported on All major OS platform like Windows, MAC, and Linux. Detect, spot, and remediate non-compliant systems anytime and anywhere now.

Gain Complete Exposure on Compliance Standards

All the details related to compliance management, which are collected by the light-weighted agent are available in the form of different reports. Organizations can analyze these reports and get complete visibility on the compliance status in the network.

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