Patch Management

Automated patch management software for Windows, MAC, and LINUX devices with instant remediation.

Most Advanced Patch Management Software | SecPod

Patching is the prime mechanism followed to shield endpoints from vulnerabilities

SanerNow Patch Management Software is one hassle-free, easy-to-use, web-based software that will simplify and automate all your patching needs.

Assure 100% patch compliance in the network

Continuously detect and deploy missing patches

End-to-end automated patch management

Shield your network with smart patching technology

Secure your endpoints with this automated patch management software!
Effective patch management is what you need to bullet-proof your endpoints from cyberattacks.

Single, cloud-native console​

Deploy patches anywhere and anytime without worrying about infrastructure and VPN connectivity. Perform patch management on your network computers from a centralized cloud-native console. The patch management software is available as an on-premise offering as well.

Advanced automation techniques​

Automate all end-to-end tasks of patch management from scanning vulnerabilities, identifying missing patches, deploying patch updates to reporting the actions in just a few simple steps.

Supports all OS platforms and third party apps

SanerNow patch management software performs efficient patching for all major OS platforms, Windows, MAC, and Linux. All the vulnerabilities of third-party apps like Adobe will get patched instantly and automatically so that you work tension free.

Rapid support for latest patch updates​

Fast and efficient support to all latest patch updates, including the patches released during Microsoft Patch Tuesday. It also analyzes the patches thoroughly and prioritizes them based on its severity range to help administrators deploy the critical ones first.

Seamless integrations to go beyond patching​

Secures organizations’ IT network by allowing them to go beyond patching by offering seamless and salient integrations. Along with patching, you can also perform vulnerability management, enforce compliance benchmarks, detect and respond to threats and gain complete security visibility of your network exposure.

Most Advanced Patch Management Software | SecPod

How SanerNow Patch Management Works?​

Seamlessly patch your endpoints within a few simple clicks

Scan and Detect

Perform continuous scanning and identify the missing patches

Test and Deploy

Test the patches in a test environment and rapidly deploy them

Audit and Report

Gain adquate visibility and control through insightful reports

Achieve effective patch management in your network with our salient features​

Automated patch management​

Automate the complete tasks of patch management from scanning the systems in the network, detecting the missing patches to deploying them on the target computers. This not only saves time, but it also makes the process much easier and effortless.

Test & Approve patches​

Automatically test the patches on customized test groups, before applying them on the entire network. It is a crucial step in patch management as it is essential to be cautious, before introducing a patch to the organization network.

All OS platforms & 3rd party apps patching

Supports patching for all OS platforms like Windows, MAC, and LINUX systems. It also offers patch management for an extensive range of third-party applications, including Google, Microsoft, VMware, Java, Mozilla, Adobe etc.

Rollback updates​

Ability to roll back the applied patch updates from the deployed systems. At times, the applied patches may not be suitable for the network environment, and this feature will come handy to roll back the unwanted update.

Assured patch compliance​

Ensure assured patch compliance across all network endpoints as the systems are scanned continuously, and the required critical patches are applied instantly.

Schedule patching tasks​

Patching tasks can be scheduled in the timings suitable for the organization’s requirements. You can choose to perform patching during non-working hours to avoid users’ inconvenience. 

Continuous patch scanning

Systems in the network are regularly scanned to track the missing patches. You can also choose to customize the scanning period based on your network requirement

Extensive reports​

Get clear visibility on all patching tasks’ status and plan the upcoming actions accordingly.

Start Managing and Securing Your Endpoints Efficiently Now.

Get 1-month free access and try it yourself.

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