Create CyberHygienic Future for Your IT

SecPod’s SanerNow CyberHygiene Platform powers enterprises to build unbreachable defense.

Identify, Predict, Detect, Respond and

Prevent Cyberattacks with SanerNow

A unified platform with a plethora of applications to easily manage and secure your enterprise endpoints. Using SanerNow,  you can perform:

SanerNow CyberHygiene Platform

Assess risk, detect vulnerabilities, analyze threats, fix misconfigurations, keep all devices updated and complaint with policy benchmarks, with a single endpoint management and security platform.

Vulnerability Management

Scan, detect, prioritize vulnerabilities

Patch Management

Patch OSs & 3rd party applications

Compliance Management

Achieve regulatory compliance

Asset Management

Monitor IT asset usage

Endpoint Management

Monitor & control all endpoints

Detection and Response

Identify threats and fix them

Powered by SecPod Labs’ Intelligence

SecPod’s Homegrown SCAP Content Professional Feed, the world largest library of 125,000+ security checks, is the intelligence source of SanerNow CyberHygiene Platform.

Designed for Every Workforce

SanerNow on-cloud adheres to the demands and provides automation solutions for the modern remote workforce. SanerNow on-premise takes it to next level by catering to hybrid IT infrastructure.

Product Suites for End-to-End Information Security & Management

SanerNow for Information Security Risk and Compliance

Implement a fool-proof security solution

SanerNow for Endpoint Management and Security

Effectively manage productivity of your IT systems

Identify, Predict, Detect, Respond and

Prevent Cyberattacks with SanerNow

SanerNow’s platform addresses multiple use cases from endpoint management to security and compliance. SanerNow provides one dashboard with one single agent to address numerous high-value business use cases.

Build Impactful Solutions

SanerNow Keeps You in Control of Your IT Security Operations

Get real-time visibility and control over all your devices. Continuously detect and analyze vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across your IT environment. Deploy patches automatically to eliminate attack surface, achieve continuous compliance to security standards, detect attack indicators, and respond in real-time.

secure ico


Secure enterprise devices to orchestrate virtuous cyber hygiene

prevent ico


Eliminate attack surface by continuously closing security gaps

save time ico


Save time spent on daunting cybersecurity practices by automating tasks
reduce cost


Reduce costs by not investing in multiple point products

Your answer to MANY PRODUCTS,

Other SecPod Products

SCAP Feed offers professional quality standardized SCAP (CVE, CPE, CCE, XCCDF, OVAL) content covering vulnerability, patch, inventory, and compliance management.
Free to use Saner Personal is exclusively available for securing home computers by preventing malware and ransomware attacks.

Trusted by Customers Globally

What Our Lovely Customers Say About Us

“A great endpoint security  & management platform”


Easy to setup. Easy to gain visibility about your endpoint security. Easy to deploy updates to endpoints. A good dashboard that provides visibility across your environment. Doesn’t take up a lot of resources/time.

– Santhosh M. | Founder & CTO

“Best value in vulnerability and patch management”


High-quality vulnerability & patch management solutions seemed expensive solutions from Qualys and Tenable. Thankfully we found high quality & affordable alternative with SecPod’s SanerNow.

– Norm M. | Chief Security Officer

“Know your info security posture with SanerNow”


SanerNow has features like Automated Patching, Software Deployment, Vulnerability Management, Hardening, etc. I would even compare its patching feature with Big Fix and at a low budget, this is even better.

– Ghanshyam R. | Security Consultant



SecPod’s SanerNow platform helps our customers get and stay compliant with many of today’s standard frameworks. By monitoring for vulnerabilities, compliance misconfigurations and threat indicators, it allows us to focus on our customers’ most critical risks. The included instructions help take the guesswork out of how to keep an organization secure.


Operations Manager - Horn IT Solutions

Saner helps us provide a high-value, managed security by quickly detecting & resolving vulnerabilities. With Saner, we are able to proactively secure our client’s endpoints to reduce of ransomware and other malware exploits.


CEO - Liongard

We use Saner with our Roar platform for rapid and continuous visibility into managed endpoints. With Saner, our Managed Service Provider partners can detect and patch vulnerabilities to manage risk across Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. We are confident Saner provides our customers timely, reliable, trustworthy security information.


Chief Security Officer - Ruvos

With Saner Business we have considerably reduced IT vulnerabilities while spending just a fraction of our IT budget. It has integrated quickly into our existing software configuration and compliance system. The bundled remediation component has completely eliminated the need to have multiple tools which were attempting to perform some of the same tasks.

The Largest Security Intelligence Library

Security Checks Covered


Exploit Kits Addressed


Operating Systems Supported


New Vulnerability Coverage in

24-48 hours

Products Supported


Vulnerability Identified


Validated by Experts

SecPod is a team of cyber security experts committed to developing pioneering solutions for customers.

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As technologies evolve, cyber risks, vulnerabilities, attack tools, tactics, and techniques also grow. Cyber attackers have mastered the art of identifying security loopholes, and endpoints have become their primary target.

Hence, companies must safeguard and secure their endpoints to save themselves from being attacked. At SecPod, we deliver salient solutions to manage, safeguard, and secure endpoints from the growing wave of cyberattacks.

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Our webinar, "How to detect, assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities using SanerNow?" will be the third one in the product series...

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