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Saner Platform

A platform of Tools for endpoint security and systems management needs. Saner Platform queries systems to find aberrations, and helps systems to retain normality.

Saner Platform for Endpoint Security and Systems Management

Array of Tools on a Platform

Vulnerability Management

Continuously identify vulnerabilities, understand the risks, exploitation potential and mitigation.

Patch Management

Apply operating system and wide variety of third-party application patches on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Automate the process.

Asset Management

Discover and manage assets. Inventory your applications and devices. Ensure their efficient usage.

Endpoint Management

Manage your endpoints and ensure their well-being. Check the health status, deploy applications, control devices.

Compliance Management

Comply to regulatory standards benchmark and stay compliant (PCI, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, NIST 800-171)

Endpoint Threat Detection and Response

Detect and Respond to IoA (Indicators of Attack) and IoC (Indicators of Compromise).

Saner Benefits

Your Answer to "Many Products, No Security" Agony. Know How


Simplify Endpoint Security and Systems Management

Saner reduces the complexity created by many point products with bloated feature-set.
Endpoint security

Increase IT and security effectiveness

With a signle platform approach, Saner bundles variety of tools for managing and securing endpoints.
 Endpoint protection, Reduce cost

Reduce IT Management

Tools from one platform rather than many point products reduces overall IT management costs by up to 60%.
Sounds interesting? Go ahead and try.

Saner Business

What some of our customers say

Saner helps us provide a high-value, managed security service by quickly detecting and resolving vulnerabilities. With Saner, we are able to proactively secure our client’s endpoints to reduce risk of ransomware and other malware exploits.
Graham Cleary, Operations Manager - Horn IT Solutions

We use Saner with our Roar platform for rapid and continuous visibility into managed endpoints. With Saner, our Managed Service Provider partners can detect and patch vulnerabilities to manage risk across Windows, Linux, and Mac systems. We are confident Saner provides our customers timely, reliable, trustworthy security information.
Joe Alapat, CEO - Liongard

SecPod’s Saner endpoint agent helps our customers get and stay compliant with many of today’s standard frameworks. By monitoring for vulnerabilities, compliance misconfigurations and threat indicators, it allows us to focus on our customer's most critical risks. The included instructions help take the guesswork out of how to keep an organization secure.
John Riley, COO - SACTECH

“With Saner Business we have considerably reduced IT vulnerabilities while spending just a fraction of our IT budget. It has integrated quickly into our existing software configuration and compliance system. The bundled remediation component has completely eliminated the need to have multiple tools which were attempting to perform some of the same tasks."
- Philip J. Morrison, Jr. Chief Security Officer, Ruvos

About SecPod

SecPod is an endpoint security and systems management technology company. SecPod (Security Podium, incarnated as SecPod) was founded in the year 2008 with the goal to create a technology company that creates a ‘platform for managing and securing every connected endpoint system.’ SecPod Saner is entrusted by Enterprises and mid-level organizations across the world in different verticals.

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Automated Endpoint Patching to Mitigate Security Risk

90% of the attacks occur because of vulnerabilities. Un-patched systems are being targeted invariably. Attend this webinar to understand how you can eliminate security risks with a simple security hygiene measure - Automated Endpoint Patching.
By attending this webinar, you can expect to learn how to
  • Eliminate 80-90% of the attack following a simple security hygiene
  • Continuously assess security risks and mitigate through patch automation
  • Harden devices and ensure strong security posture for your device