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Build Proactive Security, Attain Naked Certainty into Attack Surface, and Execute Rapid Elimination with SecPod’s SanerNow Platform.

SanerNow CyberHygiene Platform

Discover Vulnerabilities within 5 Minutes,
Remediate Instantly, Comply Forever. With One Solution.

Implement Continuous, Automated & Advanced Vulnerability Management to Manage IT asset exposure, vulnerabilities, missing patches, misconfigurations, deviation in security controls, security posture anomalies, and comply with regulatory compliance benchmarks, all under one roof.

Visualize & Normalize

SanerNow AE

Continuously monitor IT assets


SanerNow CPAM

Take control over attack vectors

Detect & Prioritize

SanerNow VM

Detect and prioritize vulnerabilities

SanerNow CM

Achieve audit-ready compliance

Remediate & Mitigate

SanerNow PM

Patch OSs & 3rd party applications

SanerNow EM

Harden devices beyond patching

Single Console, Single Agent

One powerful light-weight agent to implement end-to-end vulnerability management operations. Same agent  to perform network scanning, no additional investment.

Powered by SecPod Labs’ Intel

SecPod’s Homegrown SCAP Content Professional Feed, the world’s largest library of 160,000+ security checks, is the intelligence source of SanerNow CyberHygiene Platform.

Designed for Every Workforce

SanerNow adheres to the demands of modern remote workforce and provides automation solutions for the hybrid IT infrastructure.

Security Risk, Compliance, IT Management and Beyond.

Get Everything Addressed.

SanerNow provides continuous visibility to the computing environment, identifies vulnerabilities and misconfigurations, mitigates loopholes to eliminate attack-surface, and helps automate these routines.

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What Our Proud Customers Say About Us

“A great endpoint security  & management platform”


Easy to setup. Easy to gain visibility about your endpoint security. Easy to deploy updates to endpoints. A good dashboard that provides visibility across your environment. Doesn’t take up a lot of resources/time.

– Santhosh M. | Founder & CTO

“Best value in vulnerability and patch management”


High-quality vulnerability & patch management solutions seemed expensive solutions from Qualys and Tenable. Thankfully we found high quality & affordable alternative with SecPod’s SanerNow.

– Norm M. | Chief Security Officer

“Know your info security posture with SanerNow”


SanerNow has features like Automated Patching, Software Deployment, Vulnerability Management, Hardening, etc. I would even compare its patching feature with Big Fix and at a low budget, this is even better.

– Ghanshyam R. | Security Consultant

The Largest Security Intelligence Library

Total Security Checks Covered


Exploit Kits Addressed


Operating Systems Supported


New Vulnerability Coverage in Every

24-48 hours

Products Supported


Total Vulnerabilities Covered


Validated by Experts

SecPod is a team of cyber security experts committed to developing pioneering solutions for customers.

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About Us

As technologies evolve, cyber risks, vulnerabilities, attack tools, tactics, and techniques also grow. Cyber attackers have mastered the art of identifying security loopholes, and endpoints have become their primary target. Hence, companies must safeguard and secure their endpoints to save themselves from being attacked.

SecPod is a cyber security technology company. We prevent cyberattacks. We do everything to prevent attacks on the computing environment. Our products help implement cyber hygiene measures, so attackers have a tough time piercing through.

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Awards and Recognition

SanerNow is a leader in Vulnerability Scanner on G2
SanerNow is a leader in Risk-Based Vulnerability Management on G2
SanerNow is a leader in Risk-Based Vulnerability Management on G2
SanerNow is a leader in Risk-Based Vulnerability Management on G2
Users love SanerNow on G2
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Instantly discover vulnerabilities, automatically patch, and keep all devices updated and secured.