SanerNow Cyber Hygiene Score

Quantify your cybersecurity posture and eliminate risk rapidly with intelligence-driven, natively-developed cyber hygiene scoring framework

SanerNow cyber hygiene score solution

Why Modern IT Security Teams Need a Cyber Hygiene Score?

Quantify your Cybersecurity Posture

Understand your infrastructure’s exposure to potential cyber threats and leverage the knowledge to make laser-focused remediation decisions.

Pin-point Different Security Risks in your Devices

Detect what’s plaguing your network and how it’s affecting your organization’s security posture. Prioritize risk remediation effectively and secure your network.

Gauge your Cybersecurity Measures' Effectiveness

Evaluate and visualize the effects of your cybersecurity measures on your organization’s security posture.  Continuously monitor changes and take actions accordingly.

Simplify Risk Communication

Instead of lengthy reports, a  standard cyber hygiene score is easier to communicate to stakeholders. Demonstrate cyber readiness and measure cyber defense with ease.

Quantify Your Cybersecurity Posture and Evaluate Risk with SanerNow Cyber Hygiene Score

Obtain Insights on Critical Risks in your Network​

Understand which risks pose the maximum threat to your organization’s security and take effective measures accordingly. Remediate risks quickly by deploying critical patches to prevent dangerous attacks.

Gain a Quantifiable View of your Attack Surface ​​

Put a number on your organization’s attack surface to understand cyber risk better. Improve cybersecurity posture and prevent potential attacks by accurately remediating critical risks first.

Customize Scoring based on your Risk Acceptance​​

Tailor cyber hygiene score based on how much risk you are willing to accept in your organization. Understand your risk appetite and take measures accordingly. Efficiently prioritize risks that matter and mitigate them quickly.

Gain Details on Devices at High Risk in your Network​

Know which device in your network is most risk-prone and prioritize mitigation efficiently. Laser-focus vulnerability remediation and exponentially reduce the attack surface to tighten security posture.

Assess Your Hygiene Posture with SanerNow Cyber Hygiene Score!

  • Measure Cyber Risk to Monitor and Assess your IT Attack Surface
  • Pin-point and Mitigate Critical Risks to Improve your Organization’s Security Posture
  • Understand its Effectiveness and Bring Essential Upgrades to your Security Strategy

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