SanerNow for IT Teams

Risk-based Endpoint Management

Empowering IT teams to manage endpoint devices, address security weakness and reduce attack surface

Continuously Manage Endpoint Tasks Across Complex Enterprise IT Environments

Ensure Device Visibility

Gain complete transparency of your endpoint inventory, detect and track endpoint configuration changes, determine when to replace hardware or update software, get to know unused software and hardware, know which hardware or software components are causing issues, get a deeper understanding of infrastructure to meet SLAs and extend the life of endpoint assets.

Find Vulnerabilities from Every Nook and Corner

Sustain business agility by automating endpoint functional and operational tasks from asset management, policy compliance, patch management, security controls monitoring, and device provisioning to manage a hybrid workforce. Allows IT teams to work with business functions collaboratively by aligning IT strategy with their goals & offering scalable services to keep users productive.  

Heighten IT Team Productivity

Reduce total cost of ownership and optimize endpoint deployment with authorized applications, profiles, policies, and security settings with zero-touch deployment & eliminate IT staff burden. Automate deployments & ongoing management of endpoints to ensure they are up-to-date, secure, and fully managed. Enables IT teams to accelerate employee access to new devices by reducing device configuration & customization and application provisioning time.

Establish Device Control

Prevent shadow IT by not allowing users to install applications or connect peripheral devices, determine what users can install or connect, protect systems from malware attacks by remediating vulnerabilities & misconfigurations, and implement compliance policies across Win, macOS & Linux machines. Centralize endpoint management activities to mitigate risks & get audit-ready reports for regulatory needs.

Cloud Console for Continuous Endpoint Management

SecPod Asset Exposure

Asset Exposure Management


Posture Anomaly Management

Secpod patch management

Patch Management

Endpoint Controls Management

Compliance Management

The Right Fit to Manage your Enterprise Endpoints

Preventive tactics to drive efficiencies & ensure faster issue resolution

Automate end-to-end endpoint management from asset discovery, risk management, compliance management, patch management, and hardening systems on Windows, macOS & Linux operating systems, within or outside the network.

Monitor Endpoint Use & Provision IT Services

Oversee the utilization of devices across the network, efficiently deliver & manage IT services for end users, deploy or uninstall applications, stop or start services, configure endpoint settings, manage hardware resources, grant user access & permissions

Track Endpoint Performance & Control Device Connections

Gather telemetry data from devices to assess endpoint health, performance, and security to investigate & troubleshoot them proactively without interrupting users. Block malicious apps and unauthorized devices, including USBs & peripheral devices.

Identify Endpoint Risks & Control Remote Users

Detect endpoint security risks across networks by building custom queries from a range of probes and attributes.  Use these queries to enforce IT policies & compliance standards and gain visibility to every endpoint activity. Stay remote-ready, Reduce administration overhead in managing remote users & easily manage distributed IT environments

Tune Endpoints & Streamline Device Maintenance

Cloud-based centralized console for IT admins to reduce downtime, inspect system health, fine-tune endpoint performance by cleaning registries & hard disks, purging rare or unused files, troubleshoot endpoints in real-time, and track device locations

Automate Endpoint Management & Optimize Costs

From heterogeneous OS deployment or updates, application whitelisting or blacklisting to optimizing the functioning of security controls, troubleshooting systems, continuous endpoint monitoring, installing patches, monitoring software usage, running compliance scans, patching vulnerabilities, and misconfigurations. Improve IT team productivity & streamline endpoint operations to reduce costs.


Ensure System Updates & Secure Workspaces

Guarantee software and hardware updates, including service packs & firmware patches. Control deployment of software, debug and resolve issues, manage and secure Win, macOS & Linux devices, configure user settings, confirm safer connections to the enterprise network, ensure BitLocker status in always-on to secure hard drives & automate patch management.

Track Endpoint Security & Get Security Reports

Ensure every endpoint security control is functioning, discover attack vectors, detect and remediate security deviations, monitor anti-virus status, check firewall functioning, verify the status of system files & registry keys, including the existence of rogue processes or devices, quarantine or isolate devices and get insights from customizable reports for audits.

From Executing daily IT Tasks to Mitigating Security Risk, the Solution Manages More Than 100M Endpoints Worldwide


Continuous endpoint risk management


Patch compliance across endpoints


Endpoint audit readiness


Increase in execution speeds


Cost optimization by reducing TCO


Accuracy & adherence to security goals

Get Exhaustive Visibility and Reduce Risk Exposure of your IT Infrastructure

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