Cyber Hygiene Automation

Seamlessly orchestrate and automate healthy cyber hygiene measures

CyberHygiene Automation

Security and Endpoint Management to Ensure Seamless Cyber Hygiene Business Operations

Implement a robust security strategy with a single, cloud-native console

Take a unified approach to effectively implement a cyber hygiene routine with a single point of control across your enterprise endpoints. Reduce your attack surface and safeguard your network endpoints from potential security breaches with cyberhygiene automation.

Reduce the complexities of using multiple point solutions

Eliminate the overlaps and false positives of using swivel chair interfaces to implement different operations of cyber hygiene by using our integrated, one-point approach. Seamlessly perform risk assessment and mitigation in your network without switching between screens.

Orchestrate all cyberhygiene routines using one powerful, multifunctional agent

Use our light-weight, easily-deployable, powerful, multifunctional agent to remotely perform all required cyber hygiene operations across your endpoints. With this single point of control, continuously monitor your risk exposure, assess, and remediate them instantly.

Boost productivity and save time using advanced automation techniques

Reduce alert fatigue and improve team productivity. Automate routine tasks from risk detection, and assessment to remediation across your network with minimal impact on system resource and network bandwidth usage.
SanerNow Vulnerability Management Software with its various features

Implementing a healthy cyber hygiene routine is an essential doctrine for all organizations

It is fundamental for any organization to take care of its brand name and reputation. This cannot be easily achieved unless regular cyber hygiene measures are practiced within the enterprise network. As the number of cyber-attacks and security threats are increasing at an alarming rate, it has become crucial for enterprises to implement healthy cyber hygiene routines in place.

37% of organizations admitted that they don’t even scan for vulnerabilities

“Since 2002, the total number of software vulnerabilities has grown year on year by the thousands”

Wide Range of Capabilities to Secure and Manage Endpoints Proactively


Run rapid and continuous vulnerability scans in less than 5 minutes

Scan and detect the vulnerabilities in your endpoints in less than 5 minutes, with SanerNow’s efficient scanning algorithm. Run an always-on vulnerability management program to gain real-time visibility and control over your attack surface.

Discover your endpoint vulnerabilities accurately with 125,000+ vulnerability checks

Leverage our industry renowned SCAP feed with over 125,000 vulnerability checks and 400-500 configuration checks per OS, to precisely discover your endpoint vulnerabilities and analyze your cyber risk accurately.

Reduce risk exposure with integrated and automated patch management

Remediate software vulnerabilities instantly using SanerNow’s integrated and automated patch management. Automate the patching process comprehensively for Windows, Mac, Linux, and 200+ third-party applications. Cybersecurity automation is complete only with patch automation.

Analyze exploit potential and prioritize vulnerabilities based on risk

Use SanerNow to thoroughly assess identified vulnerabilities and prioritize them based on their severity level using live metrics beyond CVSS scores. Improve your security posture, analyze your endpoint vulnerabilities, assess your threat surface and mitigate risks.

Firmware patches for truly complete risk mitigation

Comprehensive set of patches that cover software as well as firmware across all nodes to reduce vulnerabilities and security risks to your organization.

Gain continuous visibility over IT assets, blacklist, and whitelist applications

Continuously perform real-time IT asset monitoring, detect vulnerable applications and blacklist or whitelist them accordingly. SanerNow displays a list of rarely used and outdated applications to help you optimize IT spend and remove rogue applications. Link: AM page

Monitor 100+ metrics and keep your endpoints healthy

Continuously track and monitor all your endpoints, with stringent and regular security checks. Monitor antivirus deployments, status of important system services and files, registry keys, rogue processes, etc., to harden your system configurations and keep your endpoints healthy.

Apply strong security controls and strengthen your endpoint security posture

Tighten the security across your endpoints and execute strong security measures, including enabling firewall policies and other security checks, quarantining or isolating necessary devices or networks, discovering, and protecting sensitive data, etc.

Block malicious applications and devices, reduce attack surface instantly

Block any suspicious or malicious or unwanted applications and devices on your network. Implement effective application and device control across your endpoints and prevent security breaches to safeguard your network from emerging cyberattacks.

Regulate and remediate your security compliance requirements

SanerNow supports major security standards such as HIPAA, PCI, ISO, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-171 right out-of-the-box, along with the ability to create custom policies. Harden your system configurations, demonstrate security compliance to industry and organizational standards.

Automate cyber hygiene in a few simple steps with SecPod SanerNow

Cyber hygiene routine does not stop with regulating proper patching methods. Enterprises must go beyond patching to orchestrate a healthy cyber hygiene measure. Along with effective patching techniques, SecPod SanerNow enables organizations to automatically scan, detect, analyze, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities, proactively monitor and assess system health, instantly block malicious and threatening applications and devices, etc., all from a centralized console.

SanerNow is all you need to seamlessly orchestrate good cyber hygiene measures

Unpatched applicated are often the gateway for most of the critical vulnerabilities. Most of the times patches are already available for such vulnerabilities but organizations might have missed to deploy it. SecPod SanerNow automates the entire tasks of patching in few simple steps and helps organizations stay ahead of security exploits. It also helps organizations prioritize the patches based on the severity and urges them to patch it instantly.

Leaving any vulnerabilities unnoticed will pave way for attackers to exploit the enterprise network. SecPod SanerNow automates the whole vulnerability management process right from scanning the devices, identifying the vulnerabilities, assessing the potential exploits details, prioritizing them based on the severity to remediating them through integrated patching technique. All in a matter of a few minutes, making vulnerability management a simple daily routine.

To orchestrate a healthy cyber hygiene doctrine, it is necessary to go behind traditional patching and vulnerability management techniques. SecPod SanerNow Endpoint Management allows organization to take complete control of the enterprise devices ensuring advanced security. Using this feature, you can monitor the system health regularly, perform any system or registry settings, identify deviations in system services, process and provide fixes, block any malicious applications, USB or other peripheral devices, install and uninstall any software applications etc., from a centralized console.

Effectively Cyber Hygienize Your Devices now

Get 1-month free unlimited access and try it yourself!

Effectively CyberHygienize Your Devices Now

Get 1-month free unlimited access and try it yourself.

Visibility and Control

  • Gain a 360-degree view of IT assets
  • Identify endpoint security loopholes
  • Realtime control and management
  • Manage endpoints efficiently

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Continuous Compliance

  • Achieve continuous compliance
  • Stay aware of risk exposure
  • Regulate compliance benchmarks
  • Manage risks with effective practices

Cyber Hygiene Automation

  • Implement cyber hygiene easily
  • Automate complex security practices
  • Combat attacks effectively
  • Go beyond patching

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Incident Detection & Response

  • Continuous threat detection
  • Increase awareness of attacks
  • Immediate threat response
  • Combat attacks smartly 

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