Endpoint Management and Security Automation Platform

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SanerNow - Cyber Hygiene Orchestration and Automation Platform

A one-stop solution for your endpoint management and security needs

 IT administrators must manage and safeguard endpoints regularly. Having multiple point solutions to manage all the daunting endpoint security and management tasks adds complexity to the entire process. SecPod SanerNow is built as a comprehensive single platform solution to automate and simplify strenuous endpoint security and management tasks.

Provides complete visibility to IT environment

Provides continuous risk assessment

Performs continuous risk mitigation, patching, and beyond

Automates complex security and management tasks

SanerNow is intricately crafted to help you stay a step ahead of attackers


Smart & effective technology


Automate security & compliance


Next-gen attack prevention


Efficient endpoint performance


Reduce time & boost productivity


Neat & user-friendly interface


One centralized platform


Worthy of your investment

Choose the applications you need

Choose what you need from the ever-growing, vast collection of applications on the SanerNow App stack and stay ahead of attackers.

Stop security breaches by automatically identifying critical vulnerabilities, assessing the risks and exploitation potential, prioritizing crucial vulnerabilities based on their severity, and remediating them instantly using patching.

Safeguard your systems by quickly applying all crucial patches. Automate patch management, cross-platform patching, third-party applications patching, and a lot more.

Get clear visibility on all hardware and software assets available in your network. Effectively assess and manage enterprise assets regularly to ensure effective usage for the business.

Stay compliant by meeting various compliance requirements and security standard benchmarks like PCI, HIPAA, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-171. You can choose to create policies and map them to enterprise endpoints.

Get granular visibility to endpoint activities and act upon aberrations with an array of controls. Deploy software, manage system registry settings, services and processes, and control applications and devices with ease.

Monitor, detect, and respond to advanced threats. Eliminate the gap between threat detection and response and protect your network’s endpoints.


Effectively manages and secures your endpoints

SanerNow addresses endpoint management and security from multiple perspectives, all from a single console. It works on an efficient agent-server model.

From the centralized server console, you will be able to remotely orchestrate management and security tasks on your enterprise endpoints.

The lightweight Saner agents installed on client computers will actively execute instructed tasks without interrupting user activities.


Runs continuous scans to get visibility


Detects deviations and changes as they occur


Analyzes systems for issues, risks, and threats


Remediates detected flaws, risks, and threats


Automates end-to-end tasks


Protects endpoints from potential breaches

Supports Natural Language Search Queries

The innovative metadata model of the platform supports instant searches using unstructured natural language queries. SanerNow is the only platform that is fully compliant with well-established standards like SCAP.

Multi-tenant Support With Segregated User Data

Efficiently manages multiple business units and system users with a single server. Neatly segregates business users’ data and offers the ability to create various user roles with defined access rights to manage different areas of a corporate network.

Seamless Integration and Interoperability

The flexible architecture of the platform allows integration with various systems. The REST APIs enable access to all collected data from endpoints and supports search queries.

High Performance Scalable Architecture

The platform is highly scalable with a BigData architecture, efficiently supporting the management of a large number of endpoints through a single server without performance degradation.

Protects BYOD, Remote Office and Transient Devices

Ensures security and management of organizations’ devices across perimeter limits. Provides efficient protection and control of transient, remote, and BYOD devices from a centralized console.


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