Risk Assessment Reporting

Obtain Comprehensive Insights on the Risk Exposure of IT Assets, Vulnerabilities, Missing Patches, and Misconfigurations in One Place

SanerNow Risk Assessment Reporting

Why Modern IT Security Teams need a Risk Assessment Report

Gain Real-time Insights on IT Security Risks ​

Eliminate the need to traverse bulky, hard-to-understand reports and view comprehensive insights on the security risks in your network in one place. The report sets a productive pathway for security teams while enabling easy real-time analysis. ​

Review Existing Security Controls with Trending Reports​

Evaluate and assess the existing security controls implemented in your network using the trending reports. Understand what is working and make strategic updates to strengthen security. ​

Plan Mitigation Activities and Reduce Risk Exposure​

With insights into the crucial risks, you can easily plan the mitigation activities and remediate the risks in your network. Reduce the overall risk exposure in no time and safeguard your network.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance Goals​

With a comprehensive risk assessment report, assess and mitigate the top security risks, and align your security goals. Seamlessly achieve regulatory compliance and improve your overall security posture.​

Chart New Ways to Visualize Security Risks with SanerNow Risk Assessment Report

Get complete details on the IT Asset Exposure

Gain insightful details on the IT asset exposure in your network and easily discover shadow IT. Identify malicious hardware and software, and block them instantly to secure your network.

Obtain insights on Most Crucial Missing Patches

Know the details on the top missing security patches that pose a threat to your organization’s security. Deploy these patches quickly to prevent potential attacks.

Know the Top Vulnerabilities Imposing High Risks

Get details on the top vulnerabilities, affected devices, their severity, and top recommended remediations. Mitigate these vulnerabilities quickly to stay ahead of cyberattacks.

Gain details on Top Misconfigurations

Get details on the top misconfigurations lurking in your network that could invite an attack. Fix these misconfigurations in your network and tighten the security posture.

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  • Monitor and Assess your IT Security Risks at One Place
  • Mitigate the Top Most Crucial Risks threatening your organization’s Security
  • Revise your Security Strategy and Bring Essential Improvements

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