Get access to World’s largest repository of SCAP Content. Enterprises and Vendors can benefit from the same research that SecPod uses in-house for its products.

SCAP Content Professional Feed

The SCAP Repo presents a consolidated view of SCAP security content from multiple sources into one repository providing CVE, CPE, CCE, CVSS, CWE, OVAL and XCCDF information.

The Repo provides a natural language based search interface for security content. A subscription profile is created based on requirements. The Repo is easily integrated into your SCAP solution through a set of web services interfaces.

  • OVAL – OVAL based Vulnerability, Inventory, Compliance, and Patch definitions.
  • XCCDF – XCCDF based compliance benchmarks for various regulatory and technology benchmarks.
  • Extensive Coverage – CVEs and CCEs for various
    operating systems, servers, applications, network
    and mobile devices.
  • Professional Quality – Professionally developed
    and tested security content.
  • Vast Target – Broad content coverage for operating
    systems, enterprise servers, applications, network,
    and mobile devices.
  • Daily Update – Daily release, sync with product’s
What SCAP Feed Offers

Redistributable – Integrated with your product, unlimited distribution.

End User License – One subscription for 1000 IPs, multiples thereafter.

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