SanerNow vs. Tenable

SecPod SanerNow Provides an Advanced, Automated, and Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management Solution to Prevent Cyberattacks at Scale. Contact us to get an in-depth comparison with Tenable.

Use Cases SanerNow Tenable
Daily Visibility to IT Infrastructure
Offers continuous and real-time visibility to IT asset exposures, manage licenses, discover outdated and rarely used apps, and blacklist malicious apps
Provides high-level visibility to IT assets
Deeper intelligent visibility & normalizing risks
Provides holistic & Deeper Visibility over IT infrastructure. Detects deviations, aberrations, outliers, and anomalies in IT. Eliminates the most obvious attack vectors and normalize risks.
Lacks capabilities to provide intelligent visibility to discover hidden anomalies
Rapid and continuous vulnerability discovery
Performs continuous and automated vulnerability scanning at industry’s fastest time in under 5 minutes.
Vulnerability scanning take prolonged hours
Discovery of vulnerabilities beyond CVEs
Discovers software vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, IT asset exposures, missing patches, security control deviations, and posture anomalies.
Discovers software vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.
Network Scanning to discover vulnerabilities and security risks
Endpoint Agents take up the role of network scanner. No investment on additional hardware is required.
Required additional devices to perform network scanning.
Prioritizing vulnerabilities for smarter remediation
Prioritizes vulnerabilities based on risks, exploitability level, and high-fidelity attack mapping using the world's first SSVC-based framework.
Uses Predictive Prioritization methods
Remediating discovered vulnerabilities
Provides seamless remediation with integrated patching for all OSs and 400+ third-party apps
Relies on third-party tools for patching to remediate vulnerabilities
Mitigating Vulnerabilities
Mitigates vulnerabilities with 100+ security remediation controls
No additional remediation controls
Fix Misconfigurations and configurations drifts
Not stopping at CVEs, it provides detection and remediation capabilities to harden your system from configuration drifts or misconfigurations.
Little to no support to fix dangerous configurations
Continuous Automation
Completely and continuously automate the vulnerability management process with natively integrated and automatable solution
Provides limited automation capabilities
Continuous compliance
Achieves continuous compliance for HIPAA, PCI, NIST, & SOC-2, and custom security policies.
Supports compliance for HIPAA, PCI, & NIST frameworks.
Keeps you audit-ready anytime with 100+ pre-built customizable reports. Provides a comprehensive risk assessment report and insightful patching impact report.
Offers in-built reports

Best value in vulnerability and patch management

SanerNow has multiple modules like patch management, vulnerability management, compliance management, EDR, software deployment. Today, with rise of cyber risks it’s very important to have a single tool/console to get a visibility into all modules. It’s easy to identify, detect, and patch at the same time.

– Sumit Birajdar, Infosec Manager, Acko General Insurance

Rapidly Discover and Remediate Vulnerabilities with SanerNow Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management

Easy to use Single Centralized Management Console

SecPod SanerNow works on a truly-integrated, centralized platform. SanerNow tightly knits its major applications like vulnerability management, patch management, IT asset exposure, security controls, and compliance management into a single unified solution. This approach eliminates the chaos of traversing across a maze of tools and improves operational efficiency by multiple folds. Many Tenable competitors still provide the age-old siloed approaches to manage vulnerabilities. SanerNow stands out with its unified approach to discovering and remediating vulnerabilities from one place with a single server and a lightweight, multifunctional agent.  

Cost Effective, Time Saving, and Resource Efficient

By providing a single solution to manage vulnerabilities and security risks, SanerNow helps organizations to save costs over purchasing multiple tools. It also enables IT security teams to reduce time spent on managing and maintaining numerous tools. With end-to-end automation on all tasks from scanning to deployment, SanerNow minimizes manual efforts and makes vulnerability management a hands-free process. Tenable competitors generally rely on third-party integrations to aid operations and do not provide complete automation. SanerNow provides the benefit of time and resources, saves costs, and serves as the best Tenable alternative.  

Manage Diverse Security Risks and Strengthen Overall Security Posture

Traditionally, Tenable and Tenable competitors and limit themselves to managing only CVEs. SanerNow goes beyond these traditional players and provides a unified approach to managing diverse security risks. From software vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, missing patches, IT asset exposures, and security control deviations to posture anomalies, different types of vulnerabilities, and security risks can be easily managed with SanerNow. SanerNow also provides the necessary fixes to instantly remediate these vulnerabilities to reduce risk exposure and strengthen the overall security posture of an organization. 

Seamlessly Manage Vulnerabilities and Beyond. Take Complete Control over Your Attack Surface.

Attack surface comprises of vulnerabilities and security risks beyond CVEs. SecPod SanerNow allows you to go beyond traditional vulnerability management practices and manage vulnerabilities and numerous security risks. You can take complete control over software vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, IT asset exposures, missing patches, security control deviations, and posture anomalies from SanerNow’s centralized console. SanerNow also provides the necessary patches and security controls to remediate the detected vulnerabilities and security risks to reduce risk exposure to a large extent. Unlike other Tenable competitors who provide detection of only CVEs, SanerNow goes a step beyond to help you manage all the vulnerabilities and security risks in the network.

Vulnerability Management Tool (Tenable competitors)
Windows,Patching, mac Patching, and 3rd party patch management software (Tenable competitors)

Integrated Patch Management & Security Controls for Faster Remediation

To enable faster mitigation of vulnerabilities, SecPod SanerNow provides a fully-integrated patch management solution. SanerNow supports patching for all major OSs like Windows, Mac, Linux, and 400+ unique third-party applications. Unlike third-party patch remediation integration in Tenable, SecPod’s patch management is natively built and tightly integrated with vulnerability assessment for smoother processes. With SanerNow, you can correlate the vulnerability data and instantly remediate them from the same console without traversing across multiple tools. SanerNow provides hundreds of security remediation controls to mitigate vulnerabilities that require fixes beyond patches, which is a significant add-on in SanerNow that is not available in Tenable competitors.

End-to-end Automation for Zero-touch Vulnerability Management

SecPod SanerNow automates all the processes from scanning, assessment, prioritization, and remediation, to reporting to make vulnerability management a hands-free, seamless process. You can schedule and automate the process according to your organization’s requirements. You can easily establish a continuous vulnerability management routine and prevent massive cyberattacks with complete automation. Most Tenable competitors in the market provide manual or partially automated solutions. SanerNow will work as the best Tenable alternative with its out-of-box vulnerability management capabilities that can be fully automated.

Device and Server Patching - SanerNow Patch Management Software (Tenable competitors)
explore sanernow (Tenable competitors)

Industry’s Fastest Scanning Powered by World's Largest Security Intelligence

Unlike extended scanning intervals in Tenable, SecPod SanerNow provides the industry’s fastest scanning to discover vulnerabilities in less than 5 minutes. Uninterrupted, rapid scans are performed on the devices without consuming excessive bandwidth and system resources. SecPod SanerNow is powered by its home-grown, world’s largest security intelligence feed 160,000 +vulnerability checks. The security feed is updated continuously with the latest vulnerability data to enable accurate and on-time discovery of vulnerabilities and security risks in the network. SecPod SanerNow takes a competitive edge over Tenable competitors in the number of supported vulnerability checks. With the vast vulnerability intelligence, SanerNow serves as the best Tenable alternative in the vulnerability management market.

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