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Provide your expertise to secure organizations with SecPod solutions, all over the world.

Help Enterprises Become More CyberHygienic

Play a crucial role in introducing enterprises to SecPod’s SanerNow CyberHygiene Platform and provide solutions that help them secure their businesses from cyber-attacks.

Introduce new or migrate customers

Organizations are now looking for comprehensive solutions and are avoiding investments in point products and solutions. Help organizations onboard to our cyber hygiene orchestration and automation platform. Migrate them from other point products to SanerNow platform.

Solve Customers’ Security Risk, IT Management and Compliance Problems

Organizations are under attack, large and small. They seek constant support from SecPod Partners in managing and securing their endpoints and ensuring they meet compliance audits. Earn by using your expertise in cyber security consultation and help them eliminate attack surface and secure their businesses.

Become an affiliate

Use your reach to educate enterprises on the need for implementing cyber hygiene practices. Earn revenue by referring your audience to SecPod.

A Partnership That Grows

Whether you’re an established business or an individual security consultant, SecPod gives you the tools and resources you need to secure organizations.

Earn more revenue

There are many ways to earn revenue as a SecPod Partner offering cyber security consultation, auditing and compliance management services, solution integration, deployment and training.

Connect with customers

SecPod customers constantly seek support in their cyber security and compliance management needs. Offer your services to customers and build customer loyalty and trust.

Learn from the best

SecPod Partner Engage Program offers comprehensive documentation, a learning portal and exclusive learning programs & guides from SecPod Labs, and 24/5 partner support.

Empowered by Partners Globally

Raksha Technologies
Nanjgel Solutions
Guidepoint Security

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