Risk Prioritization

Manage Millions of Risks and Mitigate what Matters with the World’s first CISA_SSVC-based Risk Prioritization Solution

SanerNow risk priroitization

Why do Modern IT Security Teams Need Advanced Risk Prioritization?

Manage the Million Risks Dilemma

Modern networks and software are complex and consist of a large number of vulnerabilities and security risks. So, with so many security risks, IT Security teams are in a dilemma of which risk to mitigate first, and risk prioritization is the solution.

Plan & Improve Your Remediation Strategies

Laser-focused remediation efforts can be the difference in thwarting a breach. A basic remediation strategy of patching all risks is not enough to combat modern cyber attackers. Risk Prioritization can be the difference-maker.

Gain Clarity on Business Impact

Lack of clarity on risks and their business impact can have dangerous consequences; some devices are more critical than others, and it’s important to protect them. Risk Prioritization is key to understanding and mitigating vulnerabilities quickly and effectively.

Speed up & Streamline Attack Surface Reduction

Mitigating the million security risks in your network that make up the attack surface is an uphill battle. With some having more impact than others, attack surface reduction can be time-consuming. Only with risk prioritization can you speed up and streamline attack surface reduction.

Prioritize and Mitigate What Matters the Most with SanerNow Risk Prioritization


Leverage SSVC to Prioritize Better

Understand which risks are more dangerous than others with the SSVC framework and a combination of exploitability, automatability, technical impact, and mission prevalence to categorize, simplify, and speed up prioritization.

Gain Exhaustive Visibility into Attack Surface

Your attack surface is a combination of millions of security risks and risk prioritization pinpoints, which are the most dangerous, by providing in-depth visibility and analysis into the security risks.

Customize Prioritization for your Network

Every vulnerability affects different networks in different ways. So, configure, customize, and tailor risk prioritization to YOUR network based on business context and your organization’s infrastructure.

Improve Vulnerability Remediation Effectivity

Misguided remediation efforts can be disastrous, and it’s critical to effectively prioritize the most dangerous risks and remediate them first.  So, Risk Prioritization speeds up and improves your vulnerability management.

Elevate Vulnerability Management with SanerNow Risk Prioritization

  • Measure Cyber Risk to Monitor and Assess your IT Attack Surface
  • Pin-point and Mitigate Critical Risks to Improve your Organization’s Security Posture
  • Understand its Effectiveness and Bring Essential Upgrades to your Security Strategy

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