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Risk-based Remediation

To discover, normalize, classify and prioritize risks

A Terrific And Powerful Vulnerabilities Assessment And Patching Platform

SanerNow is a very powerful security platform that is user-friendly and robust. My overall experience is positive. I love the GUI is easy to navigate and provides easy insight into our patching status. Vulnerability detection is fast, the implementation in the cloud which is secure and accessible anywhere and good automation processes to detect vulnerabilities easily makes it perfect for our daily uses.

– Assistant System Administrator, 500M+ USD Firm

Credit Access
Peoples Bank and Trust
Community Mortgage

Remediate Large Infrastructure Vulnerability & Misconfiguration Backlogs in Weeks, Not Months​

Streamline Vulnerability Management Process

Risk-based approach to assist IT teams in setting acceptable risk threshold levels and plan remediation efforts. Enhances the ability to adapt to new risks. Decide which vulnerabilities & misconfigurations to act on & those to be dealt with later.

Strengthen Tactical Abilities to Tackle Risks

Ensures the IT team gets in-depth information about vulnerabilities and assets to determine the possibility of them getting exploited. Helps them to continuously monitor the impact of remediation.

Real-time Assessment & Remediation of Risks

Continuous, automated scanning capabilities to detect and assess vulnerabilities & misconfigurations and prioritize them quickly in real-time. Maintain higher levels of proactiveness and act faster to address newly found high-risk vulnerabilities.

Get Up-to-date Picture of Risks

Get end to end visibility of IT infrastructure, including remote devices. Find vulnerabilities & misconfigurations across assets which might cause high fidelity attacks to reduce threats in the perimeter.

Strengthen Infrastructure Security

Fully automated, proactive scans to detect, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities & misconfigurations in all assets. Mitigates overall risk & reduces possibilities of operational disruptions.

Identify Assets Vulnerable to Attacks

Get a comprehensive view of IT inventory to know which asset is more prone to attacks. Reduce attack surface by denying system access to malicious apps.

Contextualize Vulnerabilities Better

Don’t try to remediate all vulnerabilities at once. Contextualize them based on business preference and then choose which ones to remediate first.

Get Smarter than Attackers

Easily know what the attacker is going to do and translate that knowledge to prevent an attack. Check whether a vulnerability has the chance of being exploited & take remedial action.

Secure Every Endpoint

Solidify the security of every endpoint, ensure security controls are functioning optimally, remove unauthorized applications & devices from the network.

Improve Security Posture

Gain deep dive understanding of vulnerabilities and know which vulnerability can cause a high profile breach. Get maximum visibility to risk surface.

Comply With Ease

Automate vulnerability & security compliance to meet regulatory needs easily and ensure security and stability.

Be Audit Ready

Derive custom compliance reports, & manage multiple compliance programs with ease.

Solutions Crafted for Risk Remediation

Understand how SanerNow Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management (CVEM) can effectively remediate risks and protect organizations from devastating cyberattacks.


Digital Banking Services Provider Achieves Instant Visibility of Risk Posture to Rapidly Remediate Risks, and Achieve Continuous Compliance

A Leading Digital Banking Service provider was looking for a vulnerability management solution to transform their IT security from a traditional security approach.

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