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Introducing Remote Access

An easy-to-use, highly secure, on-demand remote support tool in SanerNow Endpoint Management (EM)

Resolve end-user issues remotely using remote access. You can assist users using Windows, macOS and Linux devices without installing additional software

Graphical and CLI Support

SanerNow Remote Access lets you connect to a device’s graphical and command-line interfaces. While initiating a remote support session, the IT administrator can choose which interface they want to connect to the device.

SanerNow Agentless Scanner
SanerNow Managed Devices

Built-in User Approval

SanerNow Remote Access has a built-in user approval feature that asks for user consent before starting the remote session. Similarly, the end user can terminate the session at will once the remote session is established.

Auto-connect with End-user

SanerNow Remote Access allows IT administrators to auto correct with end users in the future to help them fix issues if the end user has opted in for it.

Share Files with End-user and Vice Versa

SanerNow Remote Access allows you to share files with the end users remotely. At the same time, the end users can also share files with the IT technician remotely.

Unattended Remote Access

Using SanerNow Remote Access, OT administrators can set up unattended remote access on server-class devices, allowing them to launch a remote command prompt or terminal window and work on these devices anytime.

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