What's New in SanerNow 6.1

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[Product Release] What's New in SanerNow 6.1?

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  • Agentless Scanner: To assess vulnerabilities without installing an agent
  • Asset/Device tagging: To group devices and properly map the network
  • CMDB Sync: To clarify relationships between hardware, software, and network
  • New OS support: To meet the vulnerability management requirements of IBM AIX

Agentless Scanner

Introducing a unique approach for agentless scanning. It offers an innovative method for conducting security evaluations remotely by retaining high speed and precision in its scans.  You will now be able to assess your devices without deploying an agent.

SanerNow Agentless Scanner
SanerNow Managed Devices

Device Tagging

It’s a new feature designed to enhance how IT teams oversee devices within their organization. It allows adding, altering, and removing tags for devices within the organization. These tags can also be utilized to form custom groups, apply search filters, carry out operations, and more.

Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

SanerNow supports exporting discovery data, including Configuration Items (CI), in the CMDB schema format. This feature enables importing device information and their associated tags from the CMDB into SanerNow. 

Proof of Detection

SanerNow offers a clear and intuitive summary of detections and why they were detected in your network; you can easily comprehend the vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and other risks supported by clear evidence.

Introduction of NIST CSF and STIG benchmarks

In the SanerNow CM (Compliance Management) module, we’ve introduced compliance benchmarks for both NIST CSF  and STIG. This new feature enables the assessment of devices against NIST CSF and STIG benchmarks and helps in resolving configuration deviations to ensure compliance with these benchmarks.

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