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Vulnerability Management Software Like You’ve Never Seen Before

SanerNow Vulnerability Management software is built for the modern enterprise to fight the growing risk landscape with impeccable capabilities to scan, assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities on devices.

World’s largest built-in vulnerability database

World’s Largest Built-in Vulnerability Database with 175,000+ Software Vulnerability Checks

Mitigate risks with comprehensive scans based on our homegrown, world’s largest, industry renowned SCAP feed with over 175,000 vulnerability checks. Our vulnerability intelligence feed is built over a decade of security research. Moreover, the database is updated every day with the latest vulnerability information to enable accurate detection. SanerNow vulnerability management tool is anchored in a solid foundation to detect vulnerabilities with near-zero false positives.

Smart, lightweight multi-functional agent for all tasks

Smart, Lightweight Multi-functional Agent for All Tasks

Leverage our lightweight and multifunctional agents across all endpoints to monitor, manage, and remediate any software vulnerability or security risk. Our smart agent can be deployed easily across endpoints with the help of numerous installation methods. The intelligent agent additionally takes up the role of network scanner to scan vulnerabilities on other devices in the network. The agent can be installed across all operating systems, including Windows, MAC, and Linux.

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The Only Vulnerability Manager Running the Fastest Automated Vulnerability Scans in Less than 5 Minutes

Reduce your attack surface with real-time, on-demand, and continuous scans with SanerNow’s intelligent scanning algorithm you need in a vulnerability management tool. SanerNow vulnerability management solution performs the industry’s fastest vulnerability scanning to detect vulnerabilities in less than 5 minutes. You can simultaneously schedule and automate these scans and implement a zero-touch vulnerability assessment.

Integrated patch management for vulnerability remediation to mark the end of the process hand-in-hand

Integrated Patch Management for Vulnerability Remediation to Mark the End of the Process Hand-in-hand

Complete your process up to the final step of remediation with integrated and automated patch management. Moreover, SanerNow’s integrated patch management supports all major operating systems like Windows, MAC, Linux, and 450+ third-party applications. By closing the gap between vulnerability assessment and remediation, you can reduce vulnerability exposure on a large scale.

Smartly Designed Features to Ease Manage Vulnerabilities and Keep Your Devices Risk Free

Vulnerability Scanning and Detection in Your Devices in Less than 5 Minutes

Get a rapid and continuous vulnerability scanner with SanerNow vulnerability management software. SanerNow’s fastest scanning is powered by an intelligent scanning algorithm to detect vulnerabilities in less than 5 minutes. You can easily perform real-time, on-demand, and continuous scanning across your network without consuming excessive bandwidth or system resources. Using the SanerNow vulnerability management tool, you can simultaneously schedule and automate vulnerability scans according to your organization’s requirements.

Automate Patch Remediation Comprehensively Across Your IT Assets

Remediate vulnerabilities on time with an Integrated and automated patch management solution. SanerNow’s patch remediation supports patching for all major operating systems including Windows, Mac, Linux, and 450+ third-party applications. Furthermore, you can correlate, assess, and remediate the vulnerabilities from the same console without having to traverse across multiple tools. SanerNow vulnerability management solution supports end-to-end patch automation to make the remediation task simpler and faster.

Efficiently Manage Vulnerabilities with a Cloud-based console

To support organizations distributed globally, SanerNow provides perimeter-less cloud-based vulnerability management. SanerNow’s new-age solution provides cloud support to manage vulnerabilities in hybrid IT environments. You can additionally perform perimeter-less vulnerability scanning, detection, assessment, and remediation across your organization’s hybrid devices.

Close the Gap Between Vulnerability Assessment and Vulnerability Prioritization

Perform intact vulnerability assessment and prioritization with insightful vulnerability findings. SanerNow vulnerability management tool assesses and prioritizes the vulnerabilities based on their severity level. Moreover, you can also gain vulnerability insights based on the exploitability level and assess the high-risk ones. SanerNow also provides details on vulnerabilities that cause high-fidelity attacks.

Stay Ahead of the Threat-curve with 360-Degree Visibility

Eliminate risks with insightful, actionable, and comprehensive dashboards. Get the complete picture of vulnerabilities all the time in a single unified dashboard. You can additionally monitor all the activities like detection, assessment, prioritization, and remediation in a centralized view and make strategic enhancements to the process. All the vulnerability findings are represented in interactive tabular and graphical forms in the vulnerability management tool dashboard.

Ensure Real-Time Vulnerability Management with Intelligent Multi-Functional Agents

SanerNow vulnerability management tool provides a smart, lightweight, multifunctional, powerful agent to manage and remediate vulnerabilities in real-time. A single agent executes all the tasks in the devices without interrupting the users. SanerNow vulnerability management software agents also take up the role of a network scanner to scan vulnerabilities across other devices in the IT infrastructure. Additionally this saves additional costs on purchasing new hardware and deployment complexities in the network.

Detect Vulnerabilities Causing High-Fidelity Attacks

SanerNow Vulnerability management tool also provides detailed insights on the detected vulnerabilities. Along with CVSS information, SanerNow provides details on the exploitability level of the vulnerabilities. SanerNow vulnerability management platform also maps the vulnerabilities with MVE (Malware Vulnerability Enumeration) data and detects the ones causing high-fidelity attacks. With all the crucial vulnerability details in one console, IT security teams can plan smart remediation and manage attack surfaces effectively.

Stay Audit-Ready with Standardized and Customizable Reports

Provides detailed end-to-end metrics regarding each vulnerability with comprehensive reports. SanerNow offers a wide range of canned reports to assess daily, weekly, and monthly trends. You can get access to a comprehensive Risk Assessment Report which furthermore provides detailed insights on the security risks prevalent in the network. All the reports in SanerNow vulnerability management software can be customized according to the organization’s requirements.

Automated Vulnerability Scans

Organizations cannot rely on just one periodic vulnerability scan per week or month, or worse, a year. With the increasing number of threats every day, periodic vulnerability scanning routines will not suffice to combat the rising number of vulnerabilities. Organizations need a continuous vulnerability scanning process in place to keep vulnerabilities in control. Meanwhile with the SanerNow vulnerability management tool, you can configure an automated vulnerability scan that runs automatically on networks and detects vulnerabilities continuously without consuming excessive network bandwidth and system resources.

Automated Vulnerability Scan Dashboard
Vulnerability Management Tool Dashboard

Vulnerability Prioritization

Internal and external factors influence the live security risk landscape across the organization. Vulnerability management and vulnerability assessment have to go beyond those tools that just show CVSS scores. You need to take into account other factors like exploit activity, age, business criticality, and more. SanerNow accurately prioritizes vulnerabilities based on risk, so you spend time remediating risks that matter right now. SanerNow vulnerability management software also provides information on the exploitability level and vulnerabilities causing high-fidelity attacks.

Remediate Software Vulnerabilities

An ideal vulnerability manager not only points out all vulnerabilities and misconfigurations in IT assets but also has vulnerability remediation tools built-in as solutions. SanerNow vulnerability management software provides integrated patch management to remediate vulnerabilities on time. Furthermore, it automatically correlates a software vulnerability with its respective patch and remediates the vulnerability from the same console. The automated patching in the SanerNow vulnerability management platform automated all the patching tasks from scanning to deployment to remediate vulnerabilities quickly.


Schedule Vulnerability Scans

SanerNow’s Vulnerability Management solution gives you precise control over your vulnerability scanning schedule. You have the flexibility to define a specific date and time for scanning, and SanerNow seamlessly executes scans at your designated schedule. Furthermore, the ability to set up daily scans through the scheduling feature is valuable, making sure that your systems are continuously monitored for vulnerabilities even when you are busy. With SanerNow vulnerability management solution, the burden of initiating scans is lifted off your shoulders, as the tool automates this process, enhancing your organization’s overall security.

Audit-Ready Customizable Reports

SanerNow Vulnerability Management provides in-depth, comprehensive reports for each vulnerability, offering a variety of pre-made reports to assess trends on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. You can access a detailed Risk Assessment Report that highlights network security risks. Also, all reports in SanerNow’s Vulnerability Management software can be modified to suit your organization’s specific needs.

Expose All Vulnerabilities in Your IT Devices and Infrastructure

Expose All Vulnerabilities in Your IT Devices and Infrastructure

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