SanerNow Vulnerability Management

The #1 Vulnerability Management Tool With Impeccable Vulnerability Scans and Instant Remediation!
SanerNow Vulnerability Management Software
SanerNow VM: Get accurate vulnerability scans

Get accurate vulnerability scans  in a just 5 minutes 

SanerNow VM: Manage vulnerabilities with minimal bandwidth consumption

Manage vulnerabilities with minimal bandwidth consumption

SanerNow VM: remediate vulnerabilities efficiently with integrated patching

Instantly remediate vulnerabilities efficiently with integrated patching 

SanerNow VM: taking control of your security exposure
Stay resilient by taking control of the security exposure of your organization
With SanerNow’s cloud-based vulnerability management tool, get visibility anywhere.

Periodic & manual vulnerability scans are not enough. Get automated vulnerability management.

SanerNow VM: Periodic & manual vulnerability scans are not enough. Get automated vulnerability management

Get fastest ever vulnerability scans in less than 5 minutes

Continuously perform the fastest and most accurate scans across your enterprise network in less than 5 minutes. Through the live connection, run automated scans anytime and anywhere.

World's largest SCAP repository with 1,00,000+ vulnerability checks

SanerNow offers the world's largest SCAP repository with more than 1,00,000 vulnerability checks. This time-tested SCAP feed database gives in-depth vulnerability coverage.

Remediation using integrated and automated patch management

Vulnerability management doesn’t stop with scanning and detection. SanerNow vulnerability management software comes with integrated patch management to remediate vulnerabilities instantly.

Consumes minimal bandwidth using a light weight agent

Precisely detect vulnerabilities using SanerNow vulnerability management Tool, a lightweight agent. The self-updating Saner agents deploy in the enterprise monitor systems and alert the server for new vulnerabilities consuming minimal bandwidth.

SanerNow Vulnerability Management Software

How SanerNow Vulnerability Management Works?

Effortlessly automate end-to-end vulnerability management tasks

Scan and Identify

Run continuous scans and identify vulnerabilities

Assess and Prioritize

Assess vulnerabilities and prioritize based on severity range

Remediate and Report

Remediate through patch management and report required actions

Practice the best vulnerability management using our SanerNow's advanced features

Accurate and continuous vulnerability scans

Every two hours a new vulnerability is being found by security researchers. Periodic vulnerability scanning is not the right approach to combat attacks. With SanerNow, run continuous and automated scanning and get complete visibility of your vulnerability exposure.

Integrated and automated patch remediation for all OS platforms

Vulnerability management should be a complete process. Remediate the detected software vulnerabilities using integrated patch management. Automatically patch the vulnerabilities for Windows, MAC, Linux, and third-party applications without any hassle.

Perimeter less vulnerability management from cloud

Efficiently manage vulnerabilities anywhere and everywhere, from a centralized cloud-based console. SanerNow delivers effective vulnerability management approach for organizations whose branches are spread across the globe.

Identify high-risk vulnerabilities with intact prioritization

SanerNow thoroughly assesses identified vulnerabilities and prioritizes them based on their severity level. With this intact prediction, it allows you to easily identify high-risk vulnerabilities and helps you remediate them instantly. 

Gain 360 degree vulnerability visibility with insightful dashboards

With continuous next-gen technology, vulnerabilities are precisely discovered based on severity, age, device type, and exploit potential. All details are readily available in the insightful dashboard, allowing you to take further actions. 

Precise vulnerability detection through Agent-based model

Light-weight, multi-functional, powerful SanerNow agents are installed across systems in the network. These agents will scan systems, and accurately detect vulnerability details, helping organizations attain comprehensive coverage.

Predictive analysis on possible vulnerability exploits

Detected vulnerability details are thoroughly analyzed and mapped with possible cyberattacks, thus predicting the possibility of exploits in the network. This helps organizations prevent their network from potential cyber risks.

Plethora of comprehensive reports with customization

The vulnerability details are accurately classified based on their type, severity, available devices count, exploitability, etc. All these categorized details are available in the form of various statistics and reports, which can be customized.

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