SanerNow Solution for

Risk-based Vulnerability Management

To discover, normalize, classify and prioritize risks

SecPod's SanerNow is an Ideal Compliance Management Tool

SanerNow is a compliance management tool. It ensures our team and staff members are security compliant, aware, and up-to-date. SanerNow is an effective tool for detecting non-complying devices or personnel while enforcing compliance regulations and industry-specific standards on them. SecPod’s SanerNow solution ensures there’s no getting away with ill-advised security moves.

– Assistant Banking Officer, 30B+ USD Firm

Credit Access
Peoples Bank and Trust
Community Mortgage

Get Clarity on Software Asset Exposure, Manage and Prioritize Vulnerabilities Better

Prevent Asset Exploitation

Obtain an inventory of assets that are external facing and know which gain clarity on their exposures, including software vulnerabilities & misconfigurations.

Find Vulnerabilities from Every Nook and Corner

Detect vulnerabilities, misconfigurations & exposures from every technology asset with near-zero false positives.

Know the Greatest Threats

Reduce risk exposure at speed and scale, know which technology weaknesses pose the most threat and continuously monitor the attack surface.

Get Remediation Guidance

Reduce risk exposure at speed and scale, know which technology weaknesses pose the most threat and continuously monitor the attack surface.

Detect Security Gaps & Drive Compliance Risk Assessment Faster

Monitor Attack Surface 24x7

Monitor IT infrastructure from one platform & get clarity 24×7 with a complete overview of vulnerabilities & misconfigurations.

Verify Security Posture

Evaluate devices by monitoring more than 100 parameters through statistical analysis, ML and deviation computing to find hidden risks and implement cyber hygiene measures.

Prevent Targeted Attacks

Consolidate, contextualize and prioritize vulnerabilities to isolate high risk ones and minimize vulnerability backlog challenges to reduce attack surface.

Ease compliance Burden

Automate the compliance management process, create custom security policies, and address and fix configuration drifts to achieve cyber hygiene and get insightful compliance reports.

Solutions Crafted for Vulnerability Management

Understand how SanerNow Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management (CVEM) can effectively detect and remediate vulnerabilities and exposures and protect organizations from devastating cyberattacks.


Digital Banking Services Provider Achieves Instant Visibility of Risk Posture to Rapidly Remediate Risks, and Achieve Continuous Compliance

A Leading Digital Banking Service provider was looking for a vulnerability management solution to transform their IT security from a traditional security approach.

Get Exhaustive Visibility and Reduce Risk Exposure of your IT Infrastructure

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Get Exhaustive Visibility to Prioritize Exposures and Reduce Risk Exposures of IT Infrastructure

The Ideal Solution to Manage Risk Exposures

The vulnerability management solution offers an integrated platform to organize vulnerability management tasks and control risk exposures of IT infrastructure. IT teams will be able to organize and streamline their hardware and software inventory for identifying vulnerabilities and prioritizing them quickly. The solution ensures faster scans to detect and prevent malicious devices and applications, including their risk factors, to cause any risk exposures. It stops the emergence of risk by running continuous compliance scans and also provides insights on how to overcome them, in case they exist.  It is a proactive solution which helps IT teams to take a calculated approach to risks and provides recommendations to develop effective mitigation measures to strengthen security posture.

Risk-based Vulnerability Management

Improve asset visibility. Evaluate risk exposure. Overcome security uncertainty.