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Automate risk detection and remediation, align IT security goals and achieve continuous compliance. Secure your IT.

SecPod's SanerNow is an Ideal Compliance Management Tool

SanerNow is a compliance management tool. It ensures our team and staff members are security compliant, aware, and up-to-date. SanerNow is an effective tool for detecting non-complying devices or personnel while enforcing compliance regulations and industry-specific standards on them. SecPod’s SanerNow solution ensures there’s no getting away with ill-advised security moves.

– Assistant Banking Officer, 30B+ USD Firm

Credit Access
Peoples Bank and Trust
Community Mortgage

Leverage the Benefits Designed for You

Achieve Continuous Compliance with Standard Regulations ​

Protect Devices with Sensitive Financial Data

Reduce and Mitigate Risk to Prevent Potential Cyberattacks

Enable Business Continuity and Align IT Security Goals​

Improve Efficiency and Increase Cost-effectiveness

Solutions Crafted for Finance

Understand how SanerNow Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management (CVEM) can protect BFSI organizations from devastating cyberattacks.

Adhere and Comply with PCI-DSS IT Security Controls

PCI compliance must be implemented by entities that store, process, and transmit cardholder data. SanerNow helps you identify non-compliant devices and harden them to comply with PCI-DSS.

  Identify and fix misconfigurations to enforce compliance
  Implement real-time scanning for continuous compliance
  Generate audit-ready reports anytime, anywhere!


Swiftly Detect and Remediate Security Risks beyond CVEs

BFSI is the most susceptible industry to cyber-attacks. SanerNow detects vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and posture anomalies and immediately patches them without any delay to rapidly reduce attack surfaces and normalize your IT network. Implement and automate all basic cyber hygiene measures easily with SanerNow.

  Automations for all vulnerability management stages
  Remediate vulnerabilities with integrated patching for Windows, Mac, Linux, and 300+ third-party applications

Secure Remote Devices in a Single Console with Security Controls beyond Patching

With SanerNow’s Continuous Vulnerability & Exposure Management, implement security controls beyond patching to mitigate security risks, eliminate outliers, perform system tune-ups, and strengthen your security posture in one console.

  Reduce attack surface by eliminating unnecessary risk in your network, remote or otherwise
  Implement hundreds of strong security controls and harden security posture


Digital Banking Services Provider Achieves Instant Visibility of Risk Posture to Rapidly Remediate Risks, and Achieve Continuous Compliance

A Leading Digital Banking Service provider was looking for a vulnerability management solution to transform their IT security from a traditional security approach.


Continuously Comply with PCI-DSS and Prevent Cyberattacks

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