Information Assurance is crucial to functioning of any organization. The ability to assure availability, confidentiality and Integrity of information is critically dependent on the health of every system connected to the organization. A typical enterprise consists of a complex network of computers. Such network of computers is prone to risk from any of the end point system connecting to the network. A vulnerable system connecting to the enterprise network potentially puts the entire organisation to risk by being easy targets of cyber-attacks.

Most attacks use vulnerabilities in systems. These vulnerabilities are flawed pieces of code in the software that can, in principle, allow a malicious user to gain unauthorised access to a system. Given the complexity of software some of these vulnerabilities escape the most stringent QA scrutiny. Users and volunteer groups with constant vigilance detect and report these vulnerabilities.

An interesting question that arises is: How long does it take a vulnerable computer connected to the internet to be infected with malicious software? The answer depends on the OS the computer is running. In any case, it is matter of minutes to a few hours, with Unix systems typically holding out longer than Windows operating system. (

Many service providers scan the network and provide a comprehensive report of the vulnerabilities existing in the end point systems. However, most of them do not take the next step of removing these vulnerabilities.

In this paper we talk about how to ensure the health of all the systems that connect to the network by removing any known vulnerability in them. Saner makes this process very simple, intuitive and fast. This keeps enterprises safe from many known attacks.