Reducing risks through integrated vulnerability and patch management is NOW more critical

COVID has undoubtedly affected our way of working. However, there are some silver linings, e.g., although we all taught ourselves how to work from home efficiently, some significant challenges stick out.

One of the major issues is SECURING our workforce in this rapidly changing dynamic. Security teams have realized that detecting vulnerabilities is not enough, and a simple patch management tool will not protect your endpoints from advanced cyber attacks. Today’s times call for a tool that can ACCURATELY detect all vulnerabilities and can INSTANTLY patch them.

During this webinar, SecPod’s Founder & CEO, Chandrashekhar, Jagsir Singh – Director of Strategic Cybersecurity Partnerships, demonstrate:

1) Risks detected in the 2020/Modern Era and future advanced threats that can occur in today’s scenario

2) One case study – Losses that happened due to the risks which were either not accurately detected or not instantly remediated.

3) How integrated Vulnerability and Patch Management is now a must-have for all workforces but especially for companies who are working from home

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