SecPod SanerNow Demo

SanerNow is a continuous vulnerability and exposure management (CVEM) platform that helps IT security teams stay ahead of cyberattacks. It comprises of 7 modules asset exposure, posture anomaly management, patch management, vulnerability management, risk prioritization, compliance management, and security control beyond patching.

This demo shows all of the following platform capabilities:


  • Asset Exposure: Effortlessly assess and administer your IT Assets anytime, anywhere
  • Posture Anomaly Management: Get Holistic Visibility Over Your IT, Spot the Obvious Anomalies, and Eliminate them.
  • Vulnerability Management: Experience the industry’s fastest, most comprehensive, and fully integrated.
  • Compliance Management: Be audit-ready and ensure continuous compliance in real-time.
  • Risk Prioritization: Prioritize risks based on business context, technical impact, severity level, standard risk guidelines, and more.
  • Patch Management: Automate remediation for Windows, Mac, Linux, and 450+ third-party applications
  • Security Controls Beyond Patching: Go Beyond Patching and Mitigate Security Risks with 100+ Security Control.

With all this SanerNow provides you cyber hygiene score that helps in quantifying the IT organization and measuring the effectiveness of IT teams’ strategy. Schedule a demo or opt for a free 30-day trial and explore more.