SecPod Announces SANER Business, Vulnerability Management Software for the Enterprise

Bangalore, India – Jun. 06, 2014 — SecPod Technologies, a leading information security company, has announced Saner Business, a vulnerability management solution for enterprise computers.

In today’s complicated cyber world, new approaches are required to ensure computers are secure and remain secure. It is no longer sufficient to simply try to detect and stop cyberattacks. Manageable and cost-effective solutions must be deployed to proactively ensure computer systems are protected.

The best defense is a solution that exposes system vulnerabilities and then automatically fixes misconfigurations and automatically applies software patches. The combination of vulnerability assessment with automatic remediation is now a core requirement for protecting endpoint systems. At the same time, the solution needs to be easy to deploy and manage, high performance, and cost-effective.

SecPod’s Saner Business solution tackles these requirements head-on. In addition to securing Windows systems, new features for the enterprise include Linux support for Red Hat, CentOS, Oracle Linux and Ubuntu. Endpoint devices on the network are also automatically discovered to ensure all systems are known and protected.

Enterprises frequently have unique system configuration and security compliance standard requirements. Saner addresses this with customizable compliance profiles applied to groups of devices. If necessary, custom security checks can be imported and included with vulnerability scans.

SecPod uses ANCOR as its highly scalable, cloud based analytics and correlation engine for real time, practical, integrated security intelligence. The ANCOR server can be deployed in the cloud or in-house.

SecPod provides a free Saner Personal edition as well as Saner Business for the enterprise

Download a free version of Saner Personal and strengthen the security of your system.
Saner Personal

SecPod Technologies is an information security products company. SecPod provides practical security solutions through its suite of products built on ANCOR, its highly scalable analytics and correlation engine. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, India.


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