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Anti-virus alone is not enough.

Build a strong defense against advanced threats and malware.

Anti-virus alone is not enough.

Build strong defense against advanced threats and malware

Saner Personal

A free vulnerability scanner and compliance scanner with remediation.

Most Malware makes use of loopholes in the system and targets desktops and end-user applications. The Anti-Malware products that are available in the market focus on cleaning an already infected system based on known malware signatures. It is reported that 67% of Malware is unnoticed by anti-virus or anti-malware products because of their polymorphic nature.

Hardening the security posture of the system, knowing the loopholes and applying fixes is a very effective and proven defense system. Although prevalent in the Enterprise segment, Home and Mobile users do not get the benefit of effective vulnerability and configuration management.

SecPod Saner is a light-weight, easy to use, enterprise-grade security solution for proactively assessing and securing your personal computer. It identifies security loopholes, misconfigurations and remediates to ensure systems remain secure.

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What Saner Offers

Deep coverage

Vast vulnerability checks and standards based compliance coverage.

Straightforward assessment

Provides comprehensive and
easy-to-digest reports on all vulnerabilities.

Wide application support

Vulnerability remediation covering Microsoft products and vast number of non-Microsoft products.

Super fast patching

Automatically identifies and installs security updates for every application.

Zero tolerance

Identifies and fixes policy violations automatically bringing the system to compliance state.



Reduced attack surface

Prevent malware from making use of vulnerabilities on your system to attack.

Quick installation

Get to know security state of your system in just under 4 minutes.

No false positives

Thorough investigation of every security threat.

Works in the background

Works silently. Scheduled scanning does not obstruct ongoing tasks.

Hassle free

Eliminates the need to worry about your system weaknesses and which malware will exploit those weaknesses.

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