Saner Platform

Gain Visibility
View endpoint activities and risk posture. Search query results in less than a second.
Ensure Compliance
Ensure your endpoints always adhere to policies, even when they are outside the perimeter.

Visibility, Threat Detection, Prevention and Response
Fix Vulnerabilities
Detect and fix vulnerabilities and
mis-configurations before exploits occur.
Detect and Respond to IoC
Feed threat intelligence or create rules to detect and respond to Indicators of Compromise.

Endpoint security

Increase security effectiveness


Simplify and automate Endpoint Security

 Endpoint protection, Reduce cost

Reduce operational

How it Works

Saner agent collects endpoint security posture, activities and events in real-time and publishes to the Saner platform.


to know

Risks | Threats


Remediate | Respond

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Our Customers

AlienVault, SecPod
Access Healthcare Physicians, SecPod
IOOF, SecPod
CloudPassage, SecPod
Cavirin, SecPod
Uber Operations, SecPod
“Best part of Saner is it comes bundled with remediation, it fixes vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered. It is automated!”
- Financial Services Company

“With Saner Business we have considerably reduced IT vulnerabilities while spending just a fraction of our IT budget. It has integrated quickly into our existing software configuration and compliance system. The bundled remediation component has completely eliminated the need to have multiple tools which were attempting to perform some of the same tasks."
- Philip J. Morrison, Jr. Chief Security Officer, Uber Operations

About SecPod

SecPod creates computer security software for proactively managing endpoint computer risks. SecPod is entrusted by Enterprises and mid-level organizations across the world in different verticals. SecPod provides a standardized (SCAP) vulnerability and compliance feed that is used by leading security product vendors. Read More

DSCI Excellence

DSCI (Data Security Council of India) Excellence Award for the year 2014 Finalist

CIO Review

CIO Review Company of the Year, December 2014 in the Vulnerability Management category.

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Simplify Vulnerability Management to an automated routine.

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