Vulnerability Management Essentials

MacOS Vulnerability Management

Cyber-attacks are rising day by day. Hackers target the endpoints accessing the internet to intrude into the network. Hence, large enterprises should extend their vulnerability management program to multiple operating systems. It will help them manage and secure their endpoints and run without hassles. In this article, we will focus on MAC vulnerability management tool

What is MAC vulnerability management?

It is a cyclical practice of identifying, detecting, prioritizing, and remediating flaws in MAC operating systems. Studies reveal that mac operating systems are too vulnerable. In 2017, security researchers witnessed a rise of 28.83 percent of security flaws compared to 2016. So, let us see some of the common mac vulnerabilities.

  • Code execution vulnerabilities
  • Data theft vulnerabilities
  • macOS zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Denial of service vulnerabilities
  • Memory corruption vulnerabilities

Like any other operating system, macOS has its flaws. To tackle them, SanerNow divides the vulnerability management platform into viable steps. Let us now see how this process works in SecPod SanerNow.

  • Rapid macOS vulnerability scanner
    SanerNow provides security teams with a short-duration scanning process. It identifies the flaws in less than 5 minutes. It also plays the role of a network scanner to scan all IP-enabled devices. Hence, the macOS vulnerability scanner is automatic and scans every day using Saner agents installed on all devices.
  • macOS vulnerability scanner

      Fig 1: MacOS


  • Accurate detection
    macOS vulnerability scanning tool helps to scan and detect flaws accurately. SanerNow has the world’s largest vulnerability database containing 175000+ security checks. It is updated daily to provide accurate detection with zero false positives.
  • SCAP repo for macOS vulnerabilities

      Fig 2: SCAP Repo


  • Risk-based assessments
    The vulnerability assessment software starts with the identification of flaws in the devices using macOS vulnerability scanner. Based on historical events, CVSS score, the level of severity is analyzed. This calculated risk assessment helps enterprises to reduce risk exposure.
  • Prioritization based on CVSS
    Prioritization based on the CVSS scoring system ranges from 1 to 10, where 10 is the high severity of the risk. CVSS helps in mitigating high critical risk first. Hence, it gives no chance for hackers to exploit the network and cause damage to the enterprise.
  •  prioritization of macOS vulnerabilities

      Fig 3: Vulnerabilities Prioritization


  • Integrated patch remediation
    Security teams often lag in remediation after the detection of flaws. SanerNow has an integrated patch management tool to mitigate flaws soon after detection. It allows enterprises to remediate flaws from a single cloud-based console.
  • patching for remediation of vulnerabilities

      Fig 4: Patch Management


  • Custom reports
    SanerNow provides enterprises with in-built and customized reports to analyze them for further strategic decisions for managing flaws.
  • Reporting of vulnerabilities and remediation

      Fig 5: Custom Reports

SanerNow supports multiple operating systems and other third-party applications, and the difference lies only in the agents installed in the devices. Like macOS vulnerability scanner for mac, windows vulnerability scanner for windows, etc. From scanning to remediation, everything is done by SanerNow in a single pane of glass.

SanerNow supported macOS platforms

macOS: Yosemite 10.10, El-Cap 10.11, Sierra 10.12, High Sierra 10.13, Mojave 10.14, Catalina 10.15, Big Sur 11.0, Monterey 12.0.