Reinventing Vulnerability Management

Attack surfaces have become massive, and the security landscape is significantly different from how it was in the past. Yet, vulnerability management has not undergone any reinvention in the last two decades. The traditional vulnerability management solutions still depend on siloed interfaces and focus only on software vulnerabilities, missing out on other crucial security risks. These conventional solutions also lack the remediation capabilities, leaving vulnerabilities to prevail.

For today’s complex security landscape, managing software vulnerabilities is good but not sufficient to combat the rising cyberattacks. And relying on multiple tools for managing vulnerabilities makes it an even more complex and a challenging process. To add to this, around 50 to 70 new vulnerabilities are discovered every day, expanding the horizon of vulnerabilities. And 90% of preventable cyber attacks are still happening as prevention processes like vulnerability management is not continuous and automated.

IT security teams need an advanced vulnerability management solution that automatically manages vulnerabilities and security risks from a centralized console to achieve continuous and automated prevention of cyberattacks at a radical speed.