what is advanced vulnerability management?

United Business Group WLL

Geography: Asia Pacific  |   Country: Kuwait

UBG focused on meeting the market needs of true services within the Kuwait technology industry. For ages, technology companies sold off technology to clients and users, leaving them with all the burden of fitting it to meet their needs. Working with clients understanding their requirement patterns, team UBG has been able to bring the right technology with the right expertise. Being an ISO certified company (ISO 9001: 2015), we rarely deliver anything less than the complex multifaceted solutions covering technology, process and capability development. This has been the foundation for building the strong reputation that we have now, creating success stories for clients.

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United Business Group W.L.L, Al Nafisi Tower, 4th Floor, Al Mobarak Street, Mirqab, Kuwait City

Phone:+ 965 22497227/7117
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