SanerNow Software Deployment

Deploy software at scale on multiple heterogeneous devices and on multiple OSs: easier and faster

Deploy Software on Time and at Scale, Empower Your Workforce

Leverage a Prebuilt Software Repository with More than 450+ Applications

The collection of software available in the software repository offers you a hassle-free experience in the software deployment process across all endpoints at once. The available installation details, along with the downloaded software, makes your software deployment a cakewalk.

Upload and Deploy Custom Software Packages on Your Endpoints

Get to deploy customized software packages on your endpoints. You can upload any of your organization specific software along with its installation details, create a software package, and deploy on your endpoints.

Software Deployment on Cross-platform OSs

Install and uninstall software on all OS endpoints. Easily manage and deploy software across all major OS platforms like Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Automate and Schedule Deployment According to Requirements

Discover the extraordinary experience of deploying software across all endpoints with utmost ease by automating the schedules according to your organization’s requirements.

Take Software Deployment to Next Level with Well-built Features

Pre-Built Software Repository to Ease Software Deployment

Leverage the prebuilt software repository with more than 450+ applications and deploy the needed software across all endpoints at once. With a single cloud-based console, deploying software is now swift and precise.

Custom Software Deployment

Software deployment checklist may vary from organization to organization and within the organization as well. You can upload any required software along with its installation details and deploy it across the organizational endpoints.

Cross OS Platform Support

Experience seamless installing and uninstalling of software across all OS endpoints like Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Automatic Scheduling of Software Deployment

Schedule and automate software deployment tasks suiting the requirement of various departments and users in your organization.

Instant Uninstallation of Software

The applications which are unauthorized, blacklisted or unused can be uninstalled from the systems. You can uninstall any application that are underutilized or unwanted in your organization network.

Track Deployment Status through Insightful Dashboards and Reports

Get real-time visibility on software deployment status and tasks with interactive dashboards. You can also create custom-made reports and make the tasks much more simpler.

Automated Software Deployment

Performing bulk software deployment using manual methods is tedious and time consuming. Software deployment is a regular routine for IT admins and automation will make the task simpler. SanerNow allows you schedule and automate software deployment tasks according to the requirement of different users and teams in your organization.

Custom Software Deployment

Organizations will have company specific software which needs to be installed on the endpoints. Organizations might still need some applications which may not be available in SanerNow software repository. You can choose to upload software with necessary installation details, create custom packages and deploy on the endpoints.

Leverage the Pre-built Software Repository

Different teams in an organization use different software. Serving the growing demand of software is not easy. SanerNow makes it simple for you by providing a pre-built software repository. This repository consists of more than 450+ applications with the executables and installation details. You can choose any software from this repository and deploy software on your endpoints in a few simple clicks. The pre-defined repository supports software packages for all OSs including Windows, MAC, and Linux.

Deploy Software at Scale

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