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Organized Cyber Crime In The Digital Era, Not Your Regular Mafia

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Cyberattacks have been around for over 30 years now. Organizations have witnessed and lived through the devastating effect of these attacks for quite some time now. When the pandemic hit the world, different spheres of life, including the workforce, incurred huge losses. With WFH and hybrid workforce becoming the new normal cyber criminals become more vigilant in exploiting vulnerabilities that aren’t being detected by common vulnerability assessment processes. Almost every segment of businesses globally is dealing with ways to strengthen their defences against cyber attacks.

You might’ve heard about organized crime in the past. There are several pop culture references to understand how criminal organizations with influence function. Moreover, organized crimes are the best way for law-bending citizens to do whatever they please. Several descriptions and examples in the mass media almost romanticized the essence of organized crime. But what would happen if criminals evolve their ways and bring organized cybercrime into being?

Internet is a place for like-minded people, geniuses, influencers, and dysfunctional individuals who rely on criminal activities to do errands. If it weren’t for the internet, today’s social world would have been thrown into a chain of abysmal scenarios. Today, we have better access to things on the internet, interact with loved ones, and conduct businesses, most importantly. With WFH becoming a new normal, organizations rely on the cloud and internet for a pleasant experience.

Now, this creates a challenge for security admins. Vulnerability management empowers security admins, the frontline of defence, to fend off bad actors from the organization’s digital infrastructure. Further, security admins should ensure their common vulnerability assessment processes include steps to assess vulnerabilities and prioritize them as per their severity.

Anonymity Of Those Who Cannot Be Traced Is Irksome

How do you perceive a cybercriminal or a hacker? A person wearing a hoodie, mostly a calm and composed mad man in front of a laptop, yes? Let’s burst this bubble with a dose of reality. Today anything with internet access and a decent laptop can be a cyber-criminal. Suppose you’re a security admin who’s out on a coffee shop to submit your quarterly audit. An awkward person who would seem harmless at first sitting in the corner of the room can rob you of your precious data.

You can’t simply stereotype your cyber mafia; there’s more to that meets the eye. Additionally, there isn’t any feasible way by which you can understand an attacker’s psyche. Security admins across the world often dabble in, “what makes a cybercriminal tick?.” Many are motivated by the money they are making through cyber attacks. But not everyone is after the money. Cybercriminals like painters, actors, artists, and writers have an undisputed ego. For some, the kick’s in knowing that the aftermath of their cyberattacks will echo for time immemorial gives them a sense of satisfaction. And it works; attacks inflicted on SolarWinds Kaseya Supply Chain are proof of their impact on cyberspace.

The anonymity of organized cybercriminals isn’t limited to extortion. With a steady increase in usage of RaaS for the past two years, criminals are jumping into the cybercrime bandwagon. Facilitating criminal activities in cyberspace has been another significant challenge for security admins.

Cybercrime Evolving Rapidly

Change is the only constant part of our civilization. Similarly, like advanced vulnerability management, cybercrime is changing at an alarming rate. Even law enforcement fails to keep tabs on the ongoing cyber-attacks. If you’ve incorporated a deep tech tool, the attackers are pinning against your firewalls with ‘deep fake tech.’ Just like ransomware, ‘deep fake’ is also growing exponentially.

Technology is at everyone’s disposal; if security admins use it the way advanced vulnerability management is meant to operate, they can prevent cyber attacks. Remediation is essential, but it only comes into play after losses occur. Deep fake technology is like ‘El Dorado,’ the natural goldmine that in a few years will make ransomware seem obsolete like Alan Turing’s set of computers called Colossus.

Think of it; it is a cybercrime that’s the global virus. It’s further branched into different forms to inflict damage on IT infrastructure. A 360-degree view of your organization’s devices will prevent cyberattacks from surfacing. Moreover, you can scan for loopholes without a hiccup.

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Why Is Vulnerability Assessment Important Today?

Even the common vulnerability assessment processes include an extensive understanding of the weakness of your IT infrastructure. The paramount of vulnerability assessment is to provide an insight into the flaws that would ultimately lead to protecting assets. Understanding how your infrastructure functions and risks expose them to cyberattacks can significantly reduce any likeliness of attacks. For security admins, it is crucial to comprehend that vulnerability assessment is one of the weapons that advanced vulnerability management provides to its users.

Vulnerability assessment spent most days as an ‘additional resource,’ with the frequency of cyberattacks and multiplying the difficulty in preventing them. Assessment will ensure continuous compliance is maintained. With vulnerability assessment in place, you can:

  • Protect the sensitive data
  • Analyze network devices by looking for loopholes in them
  • Scan everything in the organization to know about the potential threats and vulnerabilities
  • Evaluate the overall performance of devices
  • Save a lot of time and doesn’t burn your pockets
  • Easily create reports that would further aid in prioritization

Vulnerability Assessment Made Easier With SanerNow

SecPod SanerNow CyberHygiene is a comprehensive, unified platform that can help you boost your organization’s digital defences. As you get 360-degree visibility on all the devices in your organization’s infrastructure, you can leverage SanerNow Vulnerability Management to prevent cyber attacks and keep attackers at bay.

The vulnerability management solution is built upon the world’s largest vulnerability database, the SCAP Repository, features more than 160,000 security checks. Discovering vulnerabilities, assessing and prioritizing them and lastly, remediating devices has never been this easier.

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