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Perform IT Security Risk Posture Assessment with SanerNow in 30 Minutes

IT Security Risk Posture assessment is a term commonly thrown around in the wild. Risk posture is a complete overview of an organization’s capability of combating cyberattacks, and it provides a birds-eye view that every CISO needs.

With a ton of benefits, it’s understandable that the CISOs are jumping on this bandwagon too. Further, risk posture can make or break a vulnerability management software if not assessed properly.

But unfortunately for CISOs, visualizing risk posture or performing IT risk posture assessment isn’t really an easy thing to do. Until now!

How does SanerNow impact Risk Posture Assessment for CISOs?

CISOs and sysadmins are in desperate need of a companion that can not only assess the risk posture, and help you improve, strengthen and fortify your cyber-defense.

SanerNow is an advanced vulnerability solution with a sophisticated set of features that revolutionizes vulnerability management and IT security as a whole.

With its fastest 5 minutes scans that discover vulnerabilities & numerous security risks, always-evolving vulnerability database, and automated remediation, SanerNow is a versatile patch management tool that ticks all the boxes of a CISO’s Wishlist. A CISOs journey of risk posture assessment with SanerNow starts with onboarding and visualizing risk posture. But it’s just the beginning.

Risk Posture Assessment with SanerNow in 30 Minutes

The crux of risk posture assessment is speed and comprehensiveness, which are SanerNow’s strengths.

With SanerNow installed, it automatically initiates rapid scans, and within 30 minutes of onboarding, CISOs can get their organization’s risk posture. These automatic and on-demand scans comb through your network, relentlessly scanning for security risk exposures and providing you with a comprehensive risk posture.   

Armed with it, CISOs can better understand the status of cyber-resilience in their organizations.

But SanerNow not only provides overviews and insights, but it also allows CISOs to act upon it. But it is just the tip of SanerNow’s capabilities.

So, what does SanerNow provide for a CISO?

A Complete Overview and Inventory of all Assets:

There’s more than meets the eye; a bigger picture can expose unknown weaknesses. SanerNow gives you a comprehensive inventory of all IT assets in your network, both software and hardware, which is key for effective risk posture assessment.
Additionally, CISOs can get crucial insights into their IT assets with real-time and on-demand asset scanning, which can be the missing piece in strengthening their cyber defense.

Real-time Detection and Visibility over Vulnerabilities & Security Risks in your Attack Surface:

IT assets are filled with security risks that make up the attack surface. And security risks like misconfigurations, security control deviations, and anomalies that escape traditional network scans don’t escape SanerNow’s gaze.
SanerNow helps CISOs visualize the attack surface by providing visibility into the organization and its potential attack vectors.
But your network constantly changes, with new updates and software being installed or removed. So real-time and on-demand visibility over those changes becomes critical in combating cyberattacks.

Real time risk assessment
  • Automatic Remediation of All Vulnerabilities & Security Risks

    Attacks can hit you from anywhere, and CISOs must be vigilant to ensure attacks don’t occur. But discovering security risks and vulnerabilities that plague your IT assets isn’t enough. Remediation is critical too.
    SanerNow helps mitigate these risks by automatically downloading and applying relevant patches and fixes. This helps reduce the burden on CISOs and their teams. Further, it also allows CISOs to manage and use manpower efficiently.
  • Achieve Security Compliance:

    A significant worry for CISOs and their teams is compliance goals and audits. Achieving continuous compliance isn’t easy, and out-of-compliance devices are a major risk for organizations.
    Using SanerNow, CISOs can align and enforce their compliance requirements and achieve their security compliance goals, and face audits confidently. Be it SOC, NIST, PCI, or custom compliance policies, SanerNow can help you achieve them.
Compliance based Risk assessment
  • Smart Reporting for Intuitive Decision-making

    Reports unveil insights and provide CISOs with pointers that can be used to make intelligent decisions and improve the already-taken ones.
    SanerNow’s Risk Assessment reporting helps review the organization’s security controls and plan remediation, all the while helping you achieve your compliance goals too. Reporting is critical for constantly improving your risk posture.
Risk Posture Reporting


Risk posture assessment is the 1st step in improving your organization’s cybersecurity resilience. And SanerNow provides CISOs with an end-to-end and automated solution that can strengthen their organization’s cyber-defense and help make better decisions.

Risk posture assessment is also a foundational block of efficient vulnerability management. And only with proper assessment can your vulnerability management program work effectively.

A CISOs lengthy trek begins with risk posture and difficult decisions. But SanerNow can be a wonderful companion for the journey ahead.