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How Single-Console Endpoint Security and Management Tools Make the IT Life Easier

The responsibilities of the average IT team are piling up. However, what was once confined to service, maintenance, and troubleshooting has become something bigger. Besides managing and maintaining assets, the IT team is now responsible for securing the IT landscape from cyber-attacks. Additionally, IT admins, being the smart cookies they are, learned new skills and acquired all the security tools necessary to secure their organizations. Single console endpoint security and vulnerability management tool help to fulfill the IT Teams’ requirements. 

Besides, the number and functionality of single console endpoint security tools have increased and forked into multiple chunks of data silos. Different vulnerability management software are used to manage assets, deploy software on endpoints, patch system, and software vulnerabilities, detect threats, and harden systems configurations.

In addition, the rate of attacks and breaches is increasing alarmingly, where a new record high is set every year. All these problems have resulted in inefficient operations, slower processes, and a weak security posture. Let us dive into the article to gather more insights.

Benefits of a Single Console Endpoint Security and Management Tool

Basically, to restore the power of IT, moving all the security and management controls to one place is the best solution. Here are the benefits of a single-console endpoint security tool:

Faster and Efficient IT Operations

Firstly, managing and securing endpoints is the core function of today’s IT teams. IT teams spend the majority of their time and energy is spent on internal planning, executing, and troubleshooting tasks using multiple tools. Henceforth, a single-console endpoint security and management tool increases the productivity of IT teams. You can be on track and address critical issues faster. Once you strengthen the security posture, it is easy to maintain the health of all endpoints easily.

Improved Scalability 

Secondly, today’s IT landscape is constantly expanding with new devices and software. Workplaces are currently exploring new ventures of remote and co-located work. With such a situation, you need a tool that covers your needs and keeps you on-course. Therefore, a single-view, cloud-based endpoint security and management tool is always available and accessible from anywhere. You can equip your IT team for new work norms with a tool that scales easily with growing endpoints.

Single Source of Truth

Thirdly, multiple tools for endpoint security complicate risk assessment and mitigation by introducing data silos and discrepancies. For effective risk mitigation, you need tools with high accuracy and comprehensiveness. Hence, the tool should guide your prioritization and mitigation efforts by smartly showing you what to do. With a single tool of high accuracy, you can perform and track all remediation tasks through a centralized console.

One Console for All OSs

Fourthly, IT teams might have multiple tools for security and management because of heterogeneous assets and siloed functionalities. Laptops, desktops, and servers run different operating systems and software. Also, you might have multiple tools to do the same job simply because one doesn’t support specific devices. Hence, with a single tool that supports all devices, operating systems, and third-party apps, you can significantly reduce the number of tools. You can manage heterogeneous endpoints and secure them using one console.

Reduced Software Spending Costs

Lastly, once you have a single console to monitor and control all endpoints, you no longer need to rely on separate tools to do your job. Software spending costs are cut down considerably, leaving more room in your IT budget for investments in other areas. But, not only does a single-console tool help endpoint security and management, but it also creates an impact on your entire IT operations positively.

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