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5 Things You Didn’t know You Could do in SanerNow 

SanerNow can detect and remediate risks and protect your organizations from dangerous cyberattacks using vulnerability management tool. Be it software vulnerabilities or dangerous misconfigurations, SanerNow can easily detect and remediate them. But it can do a lot more than that like auto patching with a patch management tool. Here are 5 Things You Didn’t know You Could do in SanerNow.

5 Things You Didn’t know You Could do in SanerNow

1. Turn any agent into a network scanner: 
Did you know SanerAgents can also take up the role of a network scanner? A single agent can externally scan your network or scan a range of IP too.

2. Block any domain in your network
Shady and unnecessary webdomains can affect your security and your team’s productivity. You can easily block these domains in SanerNow EM module and improve security and productivity.

3. Automatically generate periodic reports to your email
SanerNow creates beautiful reports automatically. But you can also generate them periodically and get it directly delivered to your inbox too by configuring emails in the settings. 

4. Create & enforce your own complaince policies
PCI, HIPAA, NIST and more, SanerNow can do it all. But you can also create and enforce your own custom compliance policies tailor-made to fit your needs in the SanerNow CM module.

5. Warn your users about an upcoming patch with custom messages
Patching an user’s device and want to warn them to save their work before the restart? In SanerNow Patch Management module, you can create custom pop-up messages easily.

These were the 5 Things You Didn’t know You Could do in SanerNow 

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