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What is Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management?

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We all are aware of what vulnerability management  is and how important it is for us to safeguard our IT environment. But when everything in the IT landscape is constantly changing, have we ever wondered if vulnerability management needs any upgrade? What was there in the IT environment two decades ago is not there today, and the security hemisphere has become even more complex post the pandemic. However, the vulnerability management process has almost remained the same with no innovation.

If you have convinced yourselves that a siloed approach, relying on different tools for remediation, focusing only on CVEs, and ignoring other crucial security risks are enough to protect your network, it is the same as locking the main door and leaving all the windows in the house wide open and believing you are safe. Modern IT security teams need a continuous vulnerability and exposure management solution that automatically manages vulnerabilities and numerous security risks from a centralized console that strengthens the overall security posture.


Pitfalls of Traditional VM: Why Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management?

There are numerous reasons why traditional vulnerability management cannot cope with the modern security landscape. Let us look at the four major reasons that present an inevitable need for Continuous vulnerability and exposure management.

  • Lack of Insights in IT Infrastructure: Traditional tools have limited visibility over software and hardware details resulting in IT security teams missing out on obvious attack vectors that can lead to massive data breach.
  • Not Managing Vulnerabilities Beyond CVEs: Conventional tools focus only on CVEs or software vulnerabilities leaving behind other crucial security risks.
  • Lack of Integrated Remediation: Traditional tools still lack integrated remediation, leaving IT security teams in a dilemma of which tool to use for remediation.
  • Relying on Siloed Interfaces and Multiple Tools: For different steps of vulnerability management, traditional processes depend on multiple tools, causing chaos and confusion while correlating and assessing the vulnerabilities for mitigation.


What is Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management?

Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management (CVEM) introduces a fresh perspective to cybersecurity by evaluating an organization’s IT infrastructure security status from a weak perspective and allowing it to strengthen its security posture capable of defending against cyberattacks. The weakness perspective involves the assessment of IT infrastructure that encompasses Devices, Applications, Users/Identities, Data, Networks, and Security Controls.


How Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management Differs from Traditional Vulnerability Management?


How SanerNow Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management works?


SanerNow provides a centralized solution to implement continuous, automated, and advanced vulnerability management. Here is how SanerNow CVEM reinvents the existing vulnerability management process and adds a new spin to it.

Provides complete visibility over IT infrastructure

SanerNow CVEM provides deeper visibility of the IT infrastructure. You can run continuous scans and spot the most obvious attack vectors, including outliers in the network, unapproved software & devices, incorrectly configured security controls, and much more security anomalies and establish complete control over them.

Detects vulnerabilities and security risks with the industry’s fastest scans powered by vast security intelligence

SanerNow CVEM runs the industry’s fastest scans in less than 5 minutes and detects the vulnerabilities quickly. With rapid scans, you can detect information on vulnerabilities, exposures, missing patches, misconfigurations, deviations in security controls, security posture anomalies, and numerous security risks. SanerNow leverages its homegrown world’s largest security intelligence library with 175,000+ vulnerability checks. The security intelligence feed is updated continuously to provide accurate detection.

Assesses vulnerabilities and security risks from a single console & insightful reports

SanerNow CVEM assesses the vulnerabilities and security risks thoroughly and provides detailed insights in its unified dashboard. SanerNow provides a wide range of customizable reports, including a comprehensive risk assessment report to view and assess various IT security risks in one place.

Prioritizes vulnerabilities & missing patches based on the severity

After a thorough assessment, SanerNow CVEM automatically prioritizes the vulnerabilities and missing patches based on their severity level. With this, you can easily identify high-risk vulnerabilities and plan your remediation smartly.

Remediates vulnerabilities on time with integrated patching and other remediation controls

SanerNow CVEM provides integrated patch management to aid faster remediation of vulnerabilities. You can also leverage the additional security controls available in SanerNow and remediate the security risk exposures in your network.

Risk Prioritization

SanerNow Risk Prioritization helps reduce the risk findings for CVEs and CCEs that should be acted on immediately in an organization. It is the world’s first Stakeholder-Specific Vulnerability Categorization (SSVC) framework-based prioritization tool. It assesses the significance of vulnerabilities by considering factors like Business Context, Exploitability, Automatibility, Technical Impact, and Mission Prevalance parameters, in order to prioritize them effectively.

Automates end-to-end tasks from a single centralized console

From detection to remediation, everything can be automated in SanerNow, so that you can implement hands-free vulnerability and exposure management. You also eliminate the need to traverse multiple tools and execute all tasks from a single centralized console.

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To deal with today’s dynamic security landscape, a reinvention in vulnerability management is inevitable. SanerNow Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management brings in an all-new perspective to cope with vulnerabilities, exposures and security risks and prevent cyberattacks. SanerNow CVEM will not only help you keep your IT vulnerability landscape in check, but it will also help you establish a robust security framework that will work seamlessly without you having to bust your head across a maze of tools.

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