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Reinvention has Defined SecPod’s 14-Year Journey

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Barriers broken, habits cultivated, excellence sought; that is where innovation takes place.

At times, we get used to a particular notion so much that we forget to question those. Those notions become the norm, are put into practice, and become the benchmark. The ‘notions’ can be questioned radically or incrementally, seeking revolutionary advancement or continuous improvement, innovating or reinventing. 

Reinvention starts with a question or set of questions to seek advancement or continuous improvement. It brings with ‘why is that so?’. The day we stop asking those questions, we do not make advancements. In our work-life, notions become a part of our routine that we never question. Reinventing something begins with finding opportunities to solve problems. If this becomes a continuous process as reinvention demands, an ever-innovating organization can be built.

At SecPod, as a bootstrapped, organically growing organization, we have always asked questions throughout the 14 years of our journey. Why can cyberattacks not be prevented? Why is vulnerability scanning a tedious and slow process? Why do we scream out problems so much and not provide the solution? Are there vulnerabilities beyond vulnerabilities that we must pay attention to? Why is vulnerability management not a continuous and automated process? Can cyber attacks be prevented from a single product/solution? What would our customers need next? We are constantly inventing what is next. 

As we continue to question, continue to reinvent and be in the constant state of reinvention in SecPod’s journey, we’ll keep our focus on reshaping computing for a better and safer world. 

Chandrashekhar. B,
CEO, SecPod

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