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Prioritize Millions of Risks with SanerNow Risk-Based Prioritization

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Imagine you have encountered millions of security risks in your organization, including a zero-day vulnerability that needs immediate attention. Can you identify this zero-day vulnerability and patch it using your traditional vulnerability and patch management tool ?

Under this scenario, one must have a process where you can prioritize all the security risks without any disruptions and as quickly as possible. With SanerNow risk-based prioritization, you can simplify and streamline the process more efficiently with its enhanced version of the EPSS model and in-house vulnerability intelligence algorithm, alongside it is the world’s first CISA-SSVC-based risk prioritization.

Let’s now understand how SanerNow risk prioritization works.

Risk-Based Prioritization Process with SanerNow Risk Prioritization

Step 1: List all your organization’s assets and applications. Have an inventory of all the assets alongside their property, such as IP address, Mac address, operating system, version, publisher, and more properties of an asset that would be valuable.

Using SanerNow asset exposure, you can not only list down all the information about the organizational devices and applications but also can know devices that are outdated, blacklisted, and those which are rarely used.

Fig 1: SanerNow Asset Exposure

Step 2: After setting up an inventory for organizational assets, run a scan to detect if there is any misconfiguration, vulnerability, anomalies, and any other security risks present in your IT infrastructure.
SanerNow is the industry’s fastest 5-minute Vulnerability Scanner.  Additionally, you will have information about all the risks in the SanerNow vulnerability and continuous posture anomaly dashboard.

Fig 2: SanerNow vulnerability management dashboard

Fig 3: Continuous posture anomaly dashboard

Step 3: SanerNow compliance management actively supports and customizes guidelines for various benchmarks, including NIST, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and other requirements that organizations must adhere to.

Fig 4: SanerNow compliance management dashboard

Step 4: After having all the security risks, it’s time we remediate them. Before remediating, we need to prioritize them for an easier remediation process. With SanerNow Risk Prioritization, all the security risks will be classified into the act, attend, track, and track* based on SSVC guidelines.

Know in detail about SSVC guidelines here:

SanerNow risk prioritization also categorizes risks based on exploitation, technical impact, mission prevalence, and automatability.

Fig 5: SanerNow Risk Prioritization

Step 5: Once all the risks are prioritized. SanerNow patch management helps remediate with just a click of a button.

Fig 6: SanerNow Patch Management Dashboard


SanerNow Risk Prioritization represents a revolutionary approach to vulnerability management by tackling the critical issues confronting IT teams head-on. Additionally organizations can elevate their security stance and proactively counter threats by providing a focused and practical method for prioritization. With SanerNow RP, vulnerabilities transform from overwhelming challenges into strategic and well-informed decision-making opportunities.

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