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The Finale of the Eternal Search for the Best Vulnerability Assessment Solution is Nearing!

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Vulnerability management solution is usually the most painstaking process for an IT/security team. The teams struggle to run full vulnerability scans in time and create comprehensive risk reports. Throw in a dozen scanners and patching solutions. It’s now full-blown chaos and drama. Top management follows suit closely, which is sometimes more stressful than a full-blown attack (just kidding). SanerNow 5.0

The solution to these problems can be simplified using a patch management solution.

Let’s break this down to the basics.

Endpoint vulnerability assessment 

Endpoints are your everyday devices like workstations, desktops, laptops, and servers. However, Each of them runs hundreds of software like operating systems, third-party apps, and firmware. Also, Security researchers discover vulnerabilities in this software. As the IT wiz, you carry the responsibility of finding and fixing these vulnerabilities. 

Network vulnerability assessment in SanerNow 5.0

Hubs, switches, routers, repeaters, gateways, and bridges are all key components in a network. They are the media that handle enormous amounts of data and traffic. Just like endpoints, network devices also carry vulnerabilities. 

Today, IT admins like you are caught in the middle. Both endpoint and network vulnerabilities are critical and equally important. However, the ideal scanning and assessment tool that supports all types of endpoints, network devices, and software is very difficult to find. 

It’s time to bridge the gap. SanerNow 5.0 is coming soon!

Dear system admins, you asked for it, and we did it. 

Our next product update SanerNow 5.0. has the biggest addition yet in its roadmap.

The latest SanerNow version will support network vulnerability scanning, assessment, and prioritization for all network devices and topology! Using the SCAP protocol and NMAP capabilities, you get coverage of all vulnerabilities with our homegrown, world’s largest vulnerability database (130,000+ checks). 

One application for all things vulnerability

SanerNow reaches the status of being one of the most comprehensive vulnerability management solutions with integrated patch remediation capability. You can scan, detect, prioritize, and report network vulnerabilities along with endpoint vulnerabilities and remediate them effectively

We have plenty of other product enhancements too. Follow our social handles and subscribe to our emails. Product updates for SanerNow 5.0 are coming soon!

Now, back to what you were doing. We’re gonna write and test code for the release.

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