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13 Years of Life at SecPod – While we were at building a great cyber security platform

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During our 12th anniversary, I had spoken about experimenting. SecPod is a place where we all come together, every day, to create something extra-ordinary, experimenting at each step. While we chase that dream each day, what we leave behind or live through is life at SecPod. “Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans” – John Lennon. I often remind myself of this quote to realize that the moments we create each day stay with us.

Suppose I ask people who have worked at SecPod for over a decade to recollect and narrate memories, they invariably mention the peaks, certain fun moments, specific product releases, burning the midnight oil, overcame a challenge, people interactions, sense of accomplishment, overnight camps, road trips, helpful learning sessions, etc. It is what our mind remembers and wants to relive.

Nobody sets these as an organization’s goals. Nobody mentions them in the long list of corporate goals saying, ‘I want to have an overnight camp this year’ or ‘I want to click a beautiful picture of all of us working’ or ‘I want to have a casual conversation with co-workers.’ Goals invariably are the world-changing idea we want to implement. Of course, SecPod is living that purpose, but we must also focus on the life that we live by in that journey. We must forge relationships, be kind to one another, we must allow others to blossom, we must celebrate one another, and ultimately we must ‘make’ life.

I would want SecPod to be a place where these moments are created; barriers broken, habits cultivated, excellence sought; that is where innovation takes place; SecPod.

Chandrashekar. B,
CEO, SecPod

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