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Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities That Could Threaten Your Linux Security

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When securing your Linux environment, you cannot miss the Linux Kernel. It forms the foundation of your Linux operating system and is the core interface between computer hardware and its processes. Linux Kernel is also loved and actively used by IT communities across the globe. Unlike the other operating systems like Windows and MAC, where updates are automatically published by their vendor, the case of Linux Kernel is different. A good Vulnerability Management Tool can prevent these attacks. The Linux IT communities actively test the Kernel for vulnerabilities and release fixes to remediate them.

Having said that, it is not handy and easy to track the information on these vulnerabilities and the fixes available for them. Although the information pass among communities, it still takes time. This time gap is enough for an attacker to invade your network and cause serious security exploits. Vulnerability Management System can prevent these attacks.

Top Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities of 2021 – Report:

To help you stay aware of these vulnerabilities, we have prepared a report on the Top Linux Kernel Vulnerabilities of 2021. This report will give detailed information on last year’s Kernel Vulnerabilities and reports the fixes available to remediate them.

SanerNow supports the discovery and remediation of Linux Kernel vulnerabilities. We recommend you quickly identify these vulnerabilities and remediate them to prevent possible attacks.

What the report consists of?

The report consists of the details of:

  • What are the Kernel vulnerabilities and the affected products?
  • How can these vulnerabilities impact your network?
  • Patch availability information to curb these vulnerabilities

Download this report and eliminate the vulnerabilities threatening your Linux ecosystem.

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