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Introducing A Fresh Perspective to Cybersecurity: Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management!

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IT landscape is expanding and getting more complex day by day. With the growing number of cyberattacks and changing working norms, organizations are in a critical situation to protect what they have built and save themselves from the eyes of the attackers. Achieving IT security is not an easy process. Even after taking “n” number of preventive steps, deploying numerous security solutions, and monitoring attack vectors closely, organizations still fall prey to threatening security mishaps. Security teams are facing different obstacles and challenges both in management and execution while trying to build a strong security shield for their organization’s network. This is SanerNow’s new paradigm. IT security is achieved using a vulnerability management solution.

Security teams do not want just solutions that claim to be efficient and take huge investment and deployment efforts but still fail to implement what is needed. Securing the whole IT network is like securing a house with numerous doors. All doors need a tight lock to make sure intruders do not enter and create havoc. Managing multiple locks with different keys will become complex and daunting after a point of time like how deploying multiple solutions to secure IT networks will.  Identifying one key solution that locks all the doors safely and protects the network from the growing attack surface will put an end to all the security miseries. Patch management solution patches known vulnerabilities.

The SanerNow’s Modern Security, Risk, and Compliance Paradigm:

We realized that these hard-to-handle challenges in securing a modern IT infrastructure need an ultra-modern smart solution. One fully comprehensive, all-in-one, next-generation solution is what IT security teams need today to safeguard their network. A decade of security research, deep conversations with our customers, and root cause analysis of complex threats made us reinvent a new security hemisphere that will make IT teams handle all their operations from a single unified console and achieve effective security.

Introducing SanerNow’s Continuous Vulnerability and Exposure Management to orchestrate cyber hygiene and protect the IT networks.

Robust, automated, powerful, yet a simple solution:

SecPod SanerNow’s new paradigm of Security, Risk, and Compliance brings IT asset management, vulnerability management, patch management, and compliance management, under one umbrella. The platform supports management on all operating systems including Windows, MAC, and Linux, apart from the network infrastructure. SanerNow’s security intelligence is powered by the home-grown world’s largest SCAP feed with over 175,000+ vulnerability checks. SanerNow provides a comprehensive platform with a user-friendly interface, insightful dashboards, and end-to-end automation for all security, risk, compliance, and exposure management tasks.

The Working on SanerNow:

Working of SanerNow

SanerNow works on a powerful agent server model. The SanerNow server is hosted on the cloud to ease management across remote devices. A single lightweight multi-functional agent is installed in the endpoints to execute all security, risk, and compliance management actions. These agents in the endpoints are in constant connection with the server and easily execute any actions on-demand as well.

SanerNow’s network scanner is built on a distributed hub and spoke model, which utilizes the agents installed in the endpoints to perform network scanning. These agents take the role of a network scanner and detect vulnerabilities across all the IP-enabled devices in the network topology. This model saves additional investment in extra appliances or hardware. This distributes the scanning responsibility, achieves speed, and makes the process effortlessly continuous.

Gain complete visibility over your IT asset inventory


As the saying goes, you cannot protect what you cannot see. Knowing the details of the IT assets available in your network is a crucial part of your security framework. To aid this, SanerNow’s security, risk, and compliance paradigm builds with an IT asset management program. You can run real-time, continuous IT asset scans to detect network devices and endpoints alike. SanerNow enables you to run scheduled and on-demand asset scans and helps you track the entry of any new assets promptly. You can also detect the outdated and rarely used applications in the network and act upon them wisely. You can blacklist and whitelist applications and manage software licenses. Prepare for IT asset audits with insightful and customizable inventory reports.

Detect, assess, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities from the same console:


Open vulnerabilities are the biggest threat to an organization’s network. With vulnerability assessment itself done at periodic intervals, remediation has become an even unattainable goal for many organizations today. Organizations need a robust, automated, and a fully-integrated vulnerability management program to manage vulnerabilities smartly. SanerNow provides a full-fledged vulnerability management solution powered by the world’s largest security database, the industry’s fastest vulnerability scan, and integrated patch management technique.

  • Industry’s fastest, automated scans powered by world’s largest vulnerability database
    SanerNow runs automated and rapid vulnerability scans across your network devices to detect vulnerabilities within 5 minutes. As it leverages the home-grown world’s largest vulnerability database with more than 175,000 checks, the vulnerability detection is extremely accurate with 0.001% false positives. The comprehensiveness of this vulnerability database ensures that the vulnerabilities with or without the CVE ID is identified and mitigated.
  • Accurate vulnerability assessment and risk-based prioritization
    After detection, SanerNow completely assesses the risk potential of each vulnerability and prioritizes them based on the severity level to aid smart remediation.

Integrated remediation which automates patching across Windows, MAC, Linux, and 450+ third-party applications.


When it comes to securing devices thoroughly, you cannot stop with vulnerability detection and assessment. Your remediation efforts have to be on point to manage the vulnerability efficiently. SanerNow provides an integrated patch management application in its security, risk, and compliance suite. With integrated patch management, SanerNow remediates the vulnerabilities quickly without leaving any security gaps. However, SanerNow supports patching of all major operating systems like Windows, MAC, and Linux, as well as a wide range of third-party applications. Finally, you can schedule and automate all the patch management tasks from the scanning of missing patching to deployment in the endpoints.

Abide with compliance laws and harden system configurations


Vulnerabilities are not the only security loophole in the network. However, we need to go beyond looking only at vulnerabilities and start managing the missing configurations and misconfigurations as well. Many industry compliance laws like HIPAA, PCI, and then NIST mandate the need for hardening system configurations. SanerNow compliance management supports all these major laws and helps you implement them in your network. Moreover, you can identify any deviations from these security benchmarks and enforce compliance across your network devices. SanerNow supports a wide range of configurations, using which you can also customize and create your own security policy.

Risk Prioritization


SanerNow Risk Prioritization is a cutting-edge solution designed to remove the risk associated with CVEs and CCEs that require immediate attention within your organization. Distinguished as the world’s first Stakeholder-Specific Vulnerability Categorization (SSVC) framework-based prioritization tool, it evaluates the importance of vulnerabilities by factoring in elements such as Business Context, Exploitability, Automatibility, Technical Impact, and Mission Prevalence parameters, by ensuring an efficient and tailored prioritization process.

Additionally, this new paradigm is a massive shift in the way security teams manage their operations. Furthermore, experience the edge of security innovation and go beyond what you do traditionally.

We believe in “show, don’t tell”!

However, visually see all these functions in action and get a sneak peek into the new powerful SanerNow platform. Schedule a demo here.

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