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Thank You Sysadmins for the Unwavering Remote IT Support in the Midst of Storms and Calms

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Sysadmins are usually stamped as nerds who live secluded from the rest of the ‘social butterflies.’ Some of this may be true, but do you realize what you geniuses pulled off in the past year?

Rewind to March 2020

Last year, the world experienced something it has never seen in several decades. The COVID-19 pandemic left all of us confined to our homes. The borders between work and home became thin, and so did the ease of IT management. You IT heroes, however, never gave up. Remote IT service and management became the new challenging norm for you. 

Even though almost all IT teams had a rough start to remote management and troubleshooting, they came around almost instantly. Sysadmins learned to manage devices and the infrastructure remotely. Business operations continued as usual, and IT security was tightened further to prevent attacks on home networks and enterprise devices.

Holding the fort 

A few months passed, and the pandemic loosened its clutches on us. After realizing the pros and cons of remote work, organizations started to adopt a hybrid work model. Again, the IT infrastructure demanded flexibility and availability like never before. You still made it happen! Throughout these waves of uncertainty, you IT admins have been the best partners for businesses and employees. 

Happy Sysadmins’ Day from all us employees!

Despite everything that happened, you were always there for us. You are the IT warriors who are business enablers and act as shields of protection against threats the common folk doesn’t understand. 

We thank you for all your hard work throughout these years. On behalf of SecPod, we wish you a happy Sysadmins’ Day! 

Keep crushing IT management and security like you always do! (We know you will).

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