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Installing Software to Multiple Computers Is an Easy Task Now

Software Deployment, an ongoing IT administrator routine

Organizations are growing at a faster pace these days and, so are their software requirements. Every organization has different departments and user roles, thus leading to a different set of software requirements. It is not easy to satisfy each department’s software needs, and often IT administrators find this as a daunting and unmanageable process. Also, software deployment is not an onetime process and continues to be a routine task for an IT Administrator,  along with their other day-to-day system issues.

As an organization, it is important to simplify processes to make jobs easier. A software deployment tool that will streamline the complete software installation process is what organizations need today.

Challenges of manual installation

If an organization has only 2 to 3 computers, then manual software installation is not an issue. Things get complicated when the organizations are medium to big sized. Software deployment involves multiple tasks like downloading the software from various vendor sites, identifying the silent switches, storing the software in a specific system location to silently installing them on the client computers without interrupting regular tasks. It is undoubtedly a never-ending and complex task, and all of these when done manually, will inevitably lead to human errors. All these challenges underline the importance of having an automated software deployment tool in place.

Hence, it is advisable to avoid altogether, relying on the Manual Software installation process.

Simplify and automate software deployment using SecPod SanerNow

SanerNow’s software deployment feature available in the endpoint management module will help organizations remain stress-free from a lengthy and monotonous software installation process. It gives IT Administrators flexibility to install the desired software securely in any number of systems at any location. Also, it will not be a hindrance to the system users as the software installation process will silently occur in the background.

Software Deployment Option

SanerNow Software Deployment Option

SanerNow’s Software Repository

SanerNow Software repository has excellent collections of software. It saves time for IT administrators by offering them ready-made software packages from various vendors like Adobe, Java, Google, 7 Zip, Python, OpenSSL, Media Player, and much more.

SanerNow Software Deployment

SanerNow Software Deployment

Can you customize and deploy any software using SanerNow?

Along with the collection of software available in the repository, SanerNow gives IT Administrators a complete authority to customize and deploy any software package. They will also be able to access real-time reports to track software deployment or installation status.

It is time to forget the stress of software deployment and make the process seamless. Get a 30 day free trial of SanerNow and rapidly deploy software across your enterprise endpoints.

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