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10 Cyber Hygiene Challenges You Can Solve With SecPod SanerNow

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According to many organizations, practicing healthy cyber hygiene measures is a difficult task. IT administrators try their best to implement good security practices in the network. However, it takes a lot of effort and time. Also, these Cyber Hygiene tips are not just one-time tasks but must be performed continuously to prevent security breaches. A Vulnerability Management Software can prevent these attacks.

SecPod SanerNow offers a range of features like a Vulnerability Management Tool to help organizations make cyber hygiene a simple daily routine. Some of the major cyber hygiene challenges you can solve using SecPod SanerNow include –

1. Scanning IT Assets continuously for better cyber hygiene:

As organizations expand globally, the number of hardware and software assets used in the network increases significantly, which is a critical cyber hygiene challenge. It is crucial for IT Teams to regularly scan and fetch the details of the hardware and software available in the network. SecPod SanerNow simplifies this with its cyber hygiene tips by performing continuous asset scans in the network and fetching the complete details of the hardware and software inventory. You can also schedule asset scans according to the organization’s requirements.

2. Tracking software usage metrics, blacklisting malicious assets, and regulating license violations:

Employees in organizations might use various software, and keeping a close eye on their software usage is necessary. This will help organizations detect the software which is highly used and also those that pose a threat to IT security and employee productivity. SecPod SanerNow helps organizations with software usage metrics and cyber hygiene tips which allows them to blacklist malicious software to prevent further usage. You can also manage the asset licenses and regulate any license violations using SecPod SanerNow.

3. Analysing system health status, user log-in details, services, and processes running in the system:

In a day, multiple actions take place in the system. It is important to monitor all the services and processes running in the system to prevent dangerous activities. Also, taking a look at the system’s health on a regular basis is considered a crucial task. All of this can be easily done using SecPod SanerNow. This centralized platform tracks the minor details of any number of devices without any hassles.

4. Checking updated antivirus availability:

Installing antivirus on all systems in the network is key to securing them from threats. Also, updating them on time helps prevent potential security breaches. Using SecPod SanerNow, you can run a complete scan in the network and check the availability of the antivirus. You can also perform a timely update of the antivirus software using the patch management feature.

5. Scanning and assessment of vulnerabilities:

This is one of the crucial cyber hygiene processes which every organization should follow. It is not a simple task to perform regular vulnerability scanning, and assessment of these vulnerabilities makes the job even more complex. SecPod SanerNow enables organizations to perform regular vulnerability scans in no time and, assesses and prioritizes the vulnerabilities based on their severity range. This helps organizations plan further remediation measures and simplifies this using an integrated patching technique.

6. Patching OSs, software, and critical vulnerabilities:

Regularly identifying the missing patches and deploying patches on different software across multiple OSs is not easy. Studies say that you can stop cyberattacks if you patch vulnerabilities was on time. With SecPod SanerNow, you can automate patching across multiple systems irrespective of their OS from a centralized platform. You can completely automated and scheduled the end-to-end patching tasks from scanning to deployment in no time.

7. Blocking malicious applications and devices:

Protecting organizations’ sensitive information is critical. The entry of any dangerous application, USB or other peripheral devices poses a severe threat to IT security. SecPod SanerNow detects the entry of such malicious applications and devices and helps organizations block them instantly.

8. Enforcing compliance and security standards:

Organizations should ensure their devices abide by various compliance benchmarks and security standards. This will help them secure their IT network from possible threats and attacks. SecPod SanerNow identifies the systems that don’t abide by these standards and enforces compliance benchmarks without delay. SecPod SanerNow supports all major security and regulatory standards like HIPAA, PCI, ISO, NIST 800-53, and NIST 800-171.

9. Imposing strict password policies:

Weak system passwords are a welcome sign for attackers to invade the IT network. Strict password policies in the network to prevent various breaches. With SecPod SanerNow, you can impose strict password policies like including capital letters, numbers, and special characters and determine the length of the password to be set across the systems.

10. Detecting and responding to security threats is a critical cyber hygiene challenge:

A few systems in the enterprise will have deviations in important settings, which are nothing but indications of a malicious attack. Similarly, some enterprises might have systems that are already exposed to cyberattacks. It is crucial to identify these signs of attack and compromise and act upon them immediately. SecPod SanerNow assists the organization in identifying these crucial signs and offers a variety of system settings and configurations to respond to them immediately.

Overcome Cyber Hygiene Challenges with SanerNow

SecPod SanerNow is the one-stop solution that will help organizations to both orchestrate and automate cyber hygiene measures and face these cyber hygiene challenges head-on. Download SecPod SanerNow, deploy the Saner agents on your enterprise computers, and readily stay ahead of cyberattacks.

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