I am Nicole Fernandes, an ex-Christite started my career at SecPod Technologies during the final semester of my MCA course. Here is the story of my journey into this complex and interesting world of technology.

It all started towards the end of my 5th semester when it was time for placements. The 6th semester required us to complete an internship. In the beginning, 12 of us were selected for the internship interview at SecPod. There were two rounds, the first one was technical, and I was interviewed by Mr Thanga Prakash. He welcomed me with a big smile which made me forget all my nervousness. To test my knowledge, he asked me to write a program for a basic scenario in any language I was comfortable with. This round was then followed by a non-technical one. Here, I met Mrs Prathima, the HR of the company. While she was interviewing me, I felt like I was talking to someone I have known for ages. She was a sweet and a fun-loving person who easily took out my fear of being in an interview. To my delight, I was selected for the internship the very same day with another girl from my college.



We joined as interns on the 19th of November 2018 and were welcomed by all the employees of SecPod. Everyone introduced themselves to us. Then, as a small fun game, we were asked to repeat the names of each employee. This was like an ice breaking session and was very fascinating to us as this usually never happens in other companies.

Throughout my internship, I always felt very comfortable in the office as everyone made me feel like I am one among them. During the first two months, I was introduced to Linux OS and I learned all the terminal commands. Along with this, I learned Javascript for full-stack web development. I was also a part of a few meetings where they explained about their ongoing projects and also about the products they developed.

Towards the end of my internship, I was called into the cabin of our CEO Mr.Chandrashekhar B, where I was offered a full-time job recognizing my performance during my internship. I was extremely thrilled with this and gladly accepted the offer.

I joined as a full-time employee on the 10th of April 2019. Working in SecPod has improved my skills and knowledge. “Vision can help you succeed in life” is a motive we follow at SecPod. Working 5 hours or 8 hours a day does not matter. For us, it is all about how we put our heart and soul to achieve the goal. The one thing that I learned during my internship is that, if you have something to contribute to improving a vision, bring it out and share it. I still remember our CEO saying, if you have a goal, make it into a reality.

Sometimes later becomes never. Better do it now !!!!!

SecPod has allowed me to have the perfect transition from being a student to a contributing member of the workforce. This company is a place where you can learn, and showcase your abilities.

Little over a year ago, as a fresher straight out of college, I was quite puzzled about what part I would play in a company. I always had a preference for designing beautiful UI, and a keen eye for detail and spotting mistakes. To my luck, the management at SecPod noticed these qualities and offered me a position in the QA team. I always follow this rule, “If you want new results you have to try new things”. This is where I found my true calling. It has now been more than a year and I am very happy with my responsibilities in the company.

My team lead, Mr Sharath S. always says “Don’t be afraid to experience the unknown, as failure can drive success”. He always motivates and encourages me to learn new tools, new languages, etc.

I can never forget the first task I was given. I was baffled by it as it was an issue to check on SanerNow. It was very confusing at the start, but Mr Sharath and my talented colleague Ms Smitha Rao solved all of my doubts. This has helped me progress much faster and get the hang of my job much more easily.

The relationship among the team members is important:

Working with my team members, Sharath S, Smitha Rao, Bharath Kumar, and Aldrin B, has proved to me that “You cannot form a network without a relationship”. I wish to continue here as I am constantly learning and being challenged to become someone better. Life begins and love never ends at SecPod. We at SecPod Technologies, always have a vision on what we want to achieve. We set goals, and make it a success. One of the most important things I have learned as a Software Engineer is that, if a user has a problem then it’s our problem to solve.

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My Journey So Far !!!
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My Journey So Far !!!
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