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Webinar: How BlueHat Cyber Automates Patch Management Using SanerNow

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A Live Webinar on “How Blue Hat Cyber Automates Patch Management Using SecPod SanerNow”

Patch management is not an easy task. Right from scanning the network computers for missing software updates, downloading the patches from different vendor sites, testing them before deployment to deploying them on multiple computers consumes a lot of time and efforts. This process gets even more daunting if it is to be done for a large enterprise manually. These steps are only the outline of doing patch management, but in reality, it consists of a lot of more complex steps.

A study says that on average it takes 12 days for teams to coordinate for applying a patch across all devices.

Cyber attackers are working in full force and in no time, they can breach the network if they find un-patched software available in the endpoints. This makes it difficult for organizations to invest more time in the patching process. All this makes patching a crucial task for IT administrators and it is much more important that they practice an efficient process to get it done at a faster time.

To put an end to all these patching dismays, SecPod in association with Blue Hat Cyber is presenting a webinar on “How Blue Hat Cyber Automates Patch Management with SecPod SanerNow”. In this webinar, you can get the details of the real-time experience on how Blue Hat Cyber users achieved patching in simpler ways using SecPod SanerNow.

Key takeaways from Webinar:

  • Simple steps to automate patching
  • Best tips and tricks to make patching an easy process
  • Dealing with few real-time scenarios of patch management
  • Success stories of Blue Hat users while automating patch management
  • A live demo on SanerNow for few patching scenarios

Our presenters Chandrashekar B, Founder and CEO of SecPod, Greg Pottebaum, Vice President of Strategic Alliance, SecPod and Douglas Smith, Senior Sales Director of Blue Hat are all set to make this webinar a thought-provoking one.

Join this webinar on May 5th between 10AM and 11AM CT and learn the best ways to simplify and automate patch management.

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