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What are the Most Critical Vulnerabilities of 2021?

2021 was yet another year of IT security chaos and uncertainties. The year saw a drastic acceptance towards the hybrid work model among various organizations across the globe. Whatever your working model is, on-premises, remote, or hybrid, one crucial process will remain the same in your security strategy. You need to continuously discover and manage the vulnerabilities in your devices to minimize the attack surface and protect your network from possible cyberattacks.

Vulnerabilities and 2021:

The National Vulnerability Database (NVD) holds a total of 21,957 vulnerabilities in 2021, the highest of the previous years. Many vulnerabilities hit the strike last year, including the infamous Kaseya vulnerability and the latest Apache Log4J vulnerability. There is no doubt the 2021 numbers are big, and you might wonder what to look out for and remediate first.

A smarter vulnerability management approach will save your time and improve your organization’s security by multiple folds. Instead of looking for all the vulnerabilities, you can choose the most critical ones and eliminate them in your network. To help you with it, the Annual Vulnerability Report of 2021 from SecPod is out now.



Annual Vulnerability Report 2021:

We have put together the Annual vulnerability report to provide information on the top network vulnerabilities from January 2021 to December 2021. The vulnerabilities reported here have either caused severe damage or pose severe risks. We highly recommend that you quickly discover and remediate these vulnerabilities to prevent any security mishaps.

What the report consists of?

• The most critical vulnerabilities with CVSS scores of 9.5 and above
• How the vulnerability can affect your network
• Patch availability information to plan further remediation measures

Remediating these most critical vulnerabilities will bring down risks and tighten your organization’s security. SanerNow provides security coverage to detect and remediate all these vulnerabilities.

You can download the report here.

Let us let go of 2021’s vulnerability risks for a safer 2022!


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