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Top Network Vulnerability Tools for Effective Cyberattack Prevention 2023

Network vulnerability tools are an essential part of your organization’s cybersecurity, without which your network will be left helpless. To stop threat actors from entering your network, network vulnerability tools are necessary for combating cyberattacks, and the importance of these tools can’t be understated enough. Because without network vulnerability tools, the consequences are enormous.

How do you Choose the Right Network Vulnerability Tool?

The right network vulnerability tool, be it a scanner or an assessment tool, can take your vulnerability management program to another level. And while choosing one, you should look at some key factors that will help you maximize your cybersecurity posture. A constantly updating vulnerability database, automation capabilities, duration of scans, integrated remediation, and accuracy are some critical factors to keep in mind while choosing a network vulnerability tool.

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Top Network Vulnerability Tools for Effective Cyberattack Prevention

SecPod SanerNow:

SecPod SanerNow is an advanced vulnerability management solution with cyberattack prevention as the main focus. Unlike most network vulnerability tools that either do scanning or remediation, SanerNow provides an integrated approach to vulnerability management with its natively integrated scanner and remediation tool. With the industry’s fastest vulnerability scans and supported by the world’s largest vulnerability database, SanerNow supports network devices and workstations and is an all-in-one solution for cyberattack prevention.

SecPod SanerNow Dashboard

Tenable Nessus:

With a large vulnerability database and community, Tenable is one of the oldest network vulnerability scanners with a wide range of capabilities in this list. It supports both cloud and physical networks and is one of the most used network vulnerability tools in the market. But its cloud-based variant lacks critical features, doesn’t support integrated remediation, and is relatively expensive.

Tenable Nessus Dashboard

Rapid7 InsightVM:

An agent-based tool, InsightVM is another vulnerability scanner in the list with quick network vulnerability scans and cloud support. Further, it allows you to eliminate vulnerabilities with other modules in its suite. But it trades off its speed of scan for accuracy and doesn’t support integrated remediation, making it a 2nd choice for CISO and security admins.

Rapid7 InsightVM Dashboard

Qualys VM:

Qualys is the oldest cloud-based vulnerability scanner with a large vulnerability database under its belt. With its agent-based model, Qualys VM detects vulnerabilities in your organization, and you can remediate them through Qualys Flow. But multiple tools and a lackluster interface are some limitations of Qualys VM.

Qualys Dashboard


Owned and maintained by Greenbone Networks, OpenVAS is the widely popular open-source network vulnerability scanner in our list. It identifies security issues and network vulnerabilities with great accuracy and is often a good choice for small organizations. But its limited features and lack of integrated remediation push it down the list of top network vulnerability tools.

Greenbone OpenVAS Dashboard


Combating modern cyberattacks and preventing them isn’t easy. And without a network vulnerability tool, it is highly impossible. But with unified tools like SanerNow, you can stay ahead of cyber attackers by strengthening your organization’s security posture and protecting your organization.